Monday, April 16, 2012

My Fashion Star Inspired Weekend

I haven't blogged in over a week now. Have you missed me? LOL! This post is so long over due.  It was so hectic last week with packing orders, that there was just no way I was going to stop to write a post. Although, somehow over the last few years it has become a sort of cathartic process for me, so I have been dying to get back on here. As things grow and change so hasn't my blog and I see it is evolving yet again. I hope to be able to continue to post at least three times a week though.

For now I am just recapping my weekend in photos. I have a few reviews coming up and other exciting things, so this is just my Instagram weekend in review.

Juan is finally able to grow a stache and it comes in grey!  LOL!
First off, how many of you watch the show Fashion Star on NBC? No? Good don't! I say that selfishly so I don't have to compete with more people to get my fashion fix as soon as the show is over! LOL! Actually the reality is the show kind of sucks. The editing is poor at best. The concept is awesome, the way it is put together - not so much. For those who don't watch the basis is this. Up and coming designers are competing to get their clothes in stores. Each Tuesday night they compete by showing an item. The items are presented to buyers from H&M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Ave. The have an option to buy an item or bid against each other to have the item at their stores. Immediately after the show you can go online and buy the items that got picked up. But the bad part is that any items picked up by H&M pretty much sell out in 5 - 10 minutes and if you are not lucky enough to have an H&M by you(like me), then you are not going to get the item. So I stalk the H&M site waiting and I belong to a Fashion Collab group where we help each other out and I have been able to get almost all the items I have wanted. But really it is kind of a pain. Talk about commitment! At the end of the season, one winner will get selected and get a 6 million dollar deal with all three stores carrying their items. I can't wait for that, because compared to these small $50K - $100K orders, it seems like it will be easier to find the items.

Feel Me Up... butter cup.... (OK so only some of you may get this, but still!)

So while the show isn't set up the best, for fashion lovers like me, we get to find new designers we may otherwise never have heard of. The best part is you can watch the dream happening! 

I have two designers that are my absolute favorites. Orly Shani who has a line called Tuc and Wes and Sarah Parrott. I tell you each week I see their designs and I completely love everything they do. There are a few more designers that I am liking, but these two design as if they are making clothes specifically for me. Orly designs more street inspired clothing, while Sarah designs more classy yet edgy clothing. 

Since each Tuesday has me shopping on Fashion Star items, this weekend ended up being a Fashion Star inspired weekend. 

Friday night I went to a small Ladies Night In at a friends house. She had a friend of ours who has a brow studio there doing eyebrows, another friend who sells Roden & Fields products doing mini facials, a Paraffin Dip station, loads of wine and sangria and snacks and of course, Cult Nails! We all got to hang out (and meet new people) and spend some girl time getting pampered. It was a great time. I wore my newly acquired Fashion Star by Sarah Parrott jacket that I got at H&M with my outfit.
Can I just say I had the beginning of a migraine when I took this picture! I took some meds but they just weren't working enough. But I persevered puffy eyes and a ton of makeup and all! LOL! 
Saturday was another day busy packing orders and responding to emails and other Cult Nails housecleaning items. Saturday night I took a break and went and checked out small office space and ran some errands. Juan has been bugging me since January to get a small space beyond the warehouse space we have and take care of Cult business there. I have been dragging my feet. But since I work from home, it has been way to easy to work 14 hour days and not have a separation of work/home life. So off we went to look at some spaces. I wore a Tuc and Wes dress/jumper I bought. While it's not a Fashion Star item, it is from one of the designers on the show. Unfortunately timing being what it is, I got crappy pictures. I plan on doing a full review on this outfit though since the dress converts into  jumper! 

Sunday I went up to Orlando to check out Artisan Beauty's Pucker event. They do custom lipsticks and lip glosses. Another item I will be doing a full review on soon. I wore the Fashion star by Ross Bennett shorts that I got at Macy's to this event. 
Today I didn't wear any Fashion Star items, but tomorrow for our Divas & Drama launch party, I am wearing a red dress by Sarah Parrott for Fashion Star. Since my logo girl wears a red dress, I think it will be the perfect outfit! Now if only I could get a pair of Loubie's to go with it! LOL! 

See you all soon!


  1. love the last outfit! Wishing it was summer here :)

  2. I'm still digging the hair - soooo chic on you! woohooo