Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm On a Roll...

Polish burrito rolling that is! Many of you know that we wrap each bottle of polish we ship in 100% recycled packing paper that is also 100% recyclable. They have been dubbed polish burritos.
Polish burritos! Yum! 
Last Wednesday evening the Divas & Drama collection finally arrived! That meant we had to inventory and roll all those polish bottles and get them ready for shipping. With the $5 sale just days away at that point, I knew if I wanted to keep my head above water I would need to get all the pre-sales out by Saturday. Typically with Pre-sales we give ourselves a week to get all the orders out and this last pre-sale reached a bigger audience, which meant we had even more packages to wrap and fast! 

In the middle of all this, I had an event in Orlando on Thursday evening, so I took the opportunity to get my hair cut! WAHOO - I did it! 

Side view of the hair cut

I had so much fun at the event that took place at The Millennia Nails & Day Spa in Orlando. I am a huge germaphobe an getting my nails done in a salon is just petrifying to me. But this salon is top notch! They are so clean and after talking to the owners about their salon and of course Cult Nails, I was so glad I went to the event! The owners really care about the salon and the quality of the work they do. They are into doing amazing looking nails, nail art and polish! While I was there to network with the amazing ladies that attended the event, I was glad I had time to talk to the owners. I ended up getting the most amazing pedicure and now have one more place to add to my list of places I have to go to when I'm in Orlando. One of the owners showed me some nail art she did and I can't get the design out of my head, so one day soon I am going to try to recreate it for you. Otherwise I'll need to go to Orlando again so she can do my nails! 

Sporting my new cut at a Ladies Polish Night Out Networking Event
On top of meeting the owners of the salon, I gave them some Cult Nails polishes to raffle off and the winner was the owner of another salon! What are the odds! Spreading the Cult love to salons! WAHOO! And of course I met some amazing ladies. Pictured above from left to right is Michelle, the co-owner of Boldly Unique hair fasteners. I must have been under a rock, because I have never heard of hair fasteners and now I'm obsessed! I want one so bad! But even more I can't stop thinking of how these can be used in some Cult Nails marketing photos! Next to Michelle is Safia owner of LipstickMixtapes Lipstick. Safia is not only an amazing makeup artist, but she has her own lipstick line. Her lipsticks last all day! Safia got me into wearing pink lipstick too! Once I have a bit more time I am doing a review of her lipstick. I'll hopefully have it up later this week. Safia is the one who invited me to the event. So thankful that she did! The last girl pictured with me here is Michelle of Beauty & The Beat Blog. She belongs to our Central Florida Beauty Bloggers group and she not only has an amazing blog and is amazingly beautiful, her style is flawless! I had so much fun with these inspiring ladies! 

Friday I spent the day getting back to work. I finished rolling all the burritos for the Divas & Drama collection and started packing the pre-sale orders. Saturday Juan & I worked our butts off and got all the pre-sales to the post office! 
Two of these bins were filled with pre-sales
Saturday night I went to a friends b-day party. Which I will post some pics tomorrow as an Outfit of the Day post. The $5 sale also started on Saturday. I can't believe what a success it was. Each time we have a pre-sale or sale, I always wonder, will anyone show up? I can't help it. Well not only did you girls show up, the sale was our biggest yet! We received just under 1,000 orders! WOW! So this means that we had well over 3,000 polish burritos that needed to be rolled. I spent all day yesterday rolling polish burritos. No kidding, from 10AM to about 10PM with mini food breaks, rolling polish burritos! Juan spent the day responding the the remaining emails from the sale and getting everything else ready so I could hopefully start packing orders today. The kids and their friends spent about 10 hours each between Saturday and Sunday helping us roll polish burritos too! Here I sit taking a mini break for a blog post, with about 500 - 600 burritos left to roll. My hands hurt, my wrists hurt, but I am determined to get these all done today and *fingers crossed* start getting some of these orders out. My goal is to have all the orders out by Saturday! It is what I will be working on all week! 

Thank you all for your amazing support! I hope everyone was able to enjoy the sale and get what they want. The colors that sold out are already on order and we will have a second mini sale for just those colors once they arrive. It may be another month, but once we know for sure, we will let you guys know. In the meantime, I better get back to the polish rolling so you guys can get our polish on your fingers!


  1. Love the new hair!! So very chic!

  2. I love your hair!!! I've always wanted to cut it short :-) my huband wants me to let it grow, since he is on his third deployment I will grant him the wish ;-)
    Yay for your sale!!! I placed my first order too! I can't wait to try your polish!!! I always love supporting a fellow military wife!!!!

  3. Maria, you guys did a great job with the sale, everything was so smooth and easy! i was a little worried thinking that the site would colapse with all we crazy girls waiting for 12am... But it was just perfect!
    I shared the sale with some friends via twitter and we were waiting together online, discussing the colors and finally buying as soon as the clock hit 12... Well actually some minutes before lol!! We had and excellent time and I felt like I went shopping with firends, even if they are so far away :-)
    Now I can't wait to get my first Cult Nails polishes ever!, I hope to do them justice in my blog!!

  4. Your hair looks fabulous. I will await my parcel with great eagerness. It'll be some time as I'm in England but this is a first for me.

    Look at all those parcels! Wow!

  5. Impressive- you guys are so fast! Can't wait to get my order! Hair looks great also!

  6. tracking my pre-order with much anticipation! btw - hair looks awesome :)

  7. so excited - new cult customer looking forward to burritos that have been rolled with care, a family affair! thanks for all your hard work and you look well rested and just from the salon fabulous. Congrats on your latest successes!

  8. Your shipping is so speedy! My preorder arrived today, much to my surprise and delight! I assumed it wouldn't get here until at least tomorrow.

  9. Love the new hair, and this family team you have helping you run your dream business is so amazing and inspirational! Every time you blog about it, I just want to give you a hug <3


  10. So excited, can't wait to get my first Cult polishes!! I had some issues with check out that I will email you about later on when I'm not at work lol. Just glad I finally got some lemmings. Can't wait to try them out :D

  11. Thank you for all your hard work! My Divas & Drama collection is scheduled to be delivered today and I can't wait!

    Also, I love your new hair! Looks great!

  12. Your hair cut is super cute. I got my new polish in the mail today and I could not wait to try it. I had on a really nice orange, teal, purple, pink skittles mani that I did last night. I put Seduction over it. SOOOO Pretty!!!! I love what it did! Different colors show up in the flakes in each nail! Love it on teal! On orange it takes on a copper like tone. Now I have to go use the other colors! What a great set!

  13. Maria, your hair looks amazing! So glad you decided to take the plunge!!!

    Also, look at those bins full of pre-orders :-O!! That's an insane amount of packaging. I imagine your fingers (and Juan's and the kids' fingers, too!) need a rest after burrito-ing and boxing up all of those orders, nevermind the fact that you've got the 5k FB sale polishes left to go/finish up. I know we all appreciate your family's hard work!

  14. Maria you look simply stunning. I love the new cut. You kind of look like Dannii Minogue, an Australian Popstar.

  15. LOVE the new hair, gorgeous! Thanks for the sale, I can't wait to try out my first Cult Nails!

  16. You rock shirt hair so well! The long hair looked pretty too though. I bought my first Cult Nail polishes during the $5 sale and I'm wishing I knew about your company before! I got the polishes and they are WONDERFUL! Looking forward to more purchases!