Thursday, April 19, 2012

Launch Pics & Nail Art & Updates Oh My!

What a week! I can't believe it's already almost over already! It feels like just days ago that I was posting that I was leaving my job to focus on Cult Nails full time. Now here I am working from home and well, it didn't last long, I'll be heading to an office everyday again real soon. But this time it's going to be Cult Nails office! WAHOO! Juan has been telling me for months that we need an office. I kept saying we have a warehouse space, I can totally work from home, why would I go to an office if I can work from home and store everything in a warehouse? I mean seriously. Well yet again Juan was right. Polish has taken over my house. While I love that, I hate it at the same time. I want my dining room back. So we found a tiny space that we can call home and it's just down the street from the house, so it's perfect! But this week was crazy while we were trying to finalize everything, I actually go sign the lease in just a few hours! Eek! We won't have access for a few more weeks, but as soon as we do I'll take pictures and post them. But I'm sure you all assumed that already!

We also just had a launch party on Tuesday for the Divas & Drama collection. I think I am going to try to do these for each collection. I'm undecided, but we will see. Maybe I can coordinate something with one of our blogger meet ups for an upcoming collection. Let's see.
Yummy cookies from Cultie RandomLanda on Twitter

Two of my lovely friends, they are the ones who put this amazing night together.

Giving the logo pose. LOL

I also received boxes full of rhinestones and studs for nail art. We also received the gold flakes a few weeks ago. This will be the start of some nail art supplies on our website. We will add more depending on how this goes. I tried to get different things than what you normally see. I got some square and rectangular rhinestones, some pretty multi color gemlike "stones", square, octagonal, circle and other various shape studs. Just some cool looking stuff. They won't be available for sale for a few weeks though. First they all need to be photographed and named and then the site needs to be updated. It'll be crazy. Juan wants to introduce a handful at a time because otherwise it will take him forever to update the site. So while we work on this, we have a job for some of you!

Looks so pretty here, but I had to inventory thousands of these! Bleh!

We are looking for individuals who may be interested in using some of these items along with our polishes for some nail art photos that we can use on our website. You don't have to be a blogger, but if you are, you are free to post about the products your receive. You just have to be able to follow through and meet the deadline, and send us hi-res photos for use on our site. Simple! :) If you are interested just send us an email with a sample nail art photo and we will let you know if we select you! You can email me at maria @ (no spaces)

My nail art using Bad Devious Nature and the square studs. Keeping it simple! 
That's the latest update for this week. For those who have been following since the beginning, can you believe I'm getting an office! AAHHH! It's tiny and not at all fancy or anything, just a little space to call Cult Nails, but still! AAAHH! I'm afraid to pinch myself, I don't want to wake up yet!


  1. I sent an email to info @ cultnails earlier regarding this, I guess I should have waited to get the direct email though. Should I resend to this address?

  2. I smile every time I read your posts. I say, wake up and live the dream with eyes wide open! :D

  3. I am so excited about all the great stuff you have got going! Exciting craziness! Look forward to the pix of hour office space and i will be sending you out an email here in a bit. Gotta do my share to get my studio back!

  4. I'm excited for the different shaped rhinestones :)

  5. I'm very very excited for you and your family, and the direction Cult Nails is going.
    You have created a brand with soul and class and made is sexey and trendy! So excited about these gemstones!!! It is a fun way to dabble in nailart!
    Love the look you created!
    (ps... I secretly cry into my pillow that I live so far up north ;) and can't crash a launch party ;) )

  6. Grats on the new office.

    I like your mani :D

  7. Congrats on your new office!! I am so happy that you are having so much success. I am such a huge fan of your polishes and I hope for good things to be continually coming your way!

  8. Congratulations on the office!!! I just got my first order in from you today and I am beyond pleased, the polish, packaging and shipping time were all excellent. I can't wait to play with them! The nail art items look great too, excited to see what all you will have!

  9. Wow. That's a great step. Congratulations.

  10. Yay! So much fun! Also, love the studs :)

  11. So happy for you! Congratulations!!


  12. Congratulations on your office!! What an exciting step for your brand! Wishing you lots of luck!! Also, I sent an email regarding the Nail Art directly through Facebook, should I have sent it to the email for Cult Nails you provided as well? Thanks & congratulations again!!


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