Monday, April 30, 2012

Sale - Part 2

As many of you know we had some SEVERE delays from the facility that fills our polishes for us. Grrr, every time I think of it I get a little cranky, so let's not focus on that. But FINALLY it seems like our polishes will be arriving this week! WAHOO! So it is time to plan part 2 of our sale.

The way this sale will work is those colors that we had on order, that sold out early in the sale will go on sale for $5 for up to 2 polishes per person. I received a lot of emails/questions with the last sale, so I want to make it clear. It is 2 polishes per person. Meaning if there are more than one orders being placed because you have a room mate, daughter, cousin, mother etc living with you, each person needs to place their own order and have it sent to them. We will cancel any orders that we deem are taking advantage of the sale because multiple orders are going through for the same person/address. You can't use your pets name and think we won't catch it. We will.  We strive on being number 1 in customer service, but that doesn't mean we want to allow people to take advantage of our generosity. Let's play nice and enjoy the spirit of the sale. So with that out of the way, let's get back to the fun stuff!

The colors that will be on sale are the following colors only: Enigmatic, Hypnotize Me, Cruisin' Nude, Let Me Fly, Iconic and Living Water. It appears that My Kind of Cool Aid will remain sold out for a bit longer. :( We will post a coupon code for $5 off up to any two of these polishes the day before the sale.

The sale will be for one day only on Saturday May 12th and we will change things up a bit and start this sale at 9AM EST and it will run until 8:59AM EST Sunday May 13th.

So if you didn't have a chance to get these colors in the last sale, hold tight, you will have a chance in just under 2 weeks!! WAHOO!!!


  1. Aw, buggars! I specifically held off on My Kind of Cool Aid and Quench because you said they were likely to sell out and so they would be part of the second sale. Now neither one of them is. So sad.

  2. Yay!!! Thanks so much Maria!!! I LOVE your nailpolish, the way you run your business, your fashion and YOU! (Not a stalker heh heh - just a fan :)) Thanks so much for this fabulous 2nd sale and the opportunity to buy your amazing polish for such a great price. Wishing you continued success!! Can't wait to see your new collections!!!

  3. YES!!! I missed the last sale cuz I was in the visiting my dad in boonies where there is no internet access :( LOL.

  4. So we can use the coupon for two polishes and then buy more at regular price if we want, yes? Thanks so much!

  5. I was also curious about the question asked above... Can we purchase more than 2 polishes if the others are paid at full price? :) Or will the code limit the purchase total to 2? THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME OFFER! :)