Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where Does the Time Go?

I was feeling a little blah this week, and have been pretty busy as well. When I think of everything I have done and still have to do, it all feels a bit overwhelming, but in a good way. I was just talking to Juan the other day about how when I had a FT job, going into work everyday made me have such a heavy feeling. There were so many things I knew I needed to do and being stuck in an office all day, wasn't cutting it! Now I control my schedule and even when I am slammed busy, I never feel like that! It's great!

Many of you know we are moving Cult Nails into a new (to us) office in just a few short days. Now imagine you are moving into a new home and you have NOTHING to furnish it with. NOTHING! GAH! It is such an awesome yet crazy feeling. I get so happy that I get to pick everything and then I freak out with these random thoughts: "OMG! We have to buy a fridge!" "Do you think we need an area rug?" "How far in advance do I call the cable company for internet?" "Should we go pick the paint for the walls?" "What kind of desk should we get?" "Do you think they will leave the blinds for us?" "We need cleaning products for the office!" "Dang it, that means we need a broom and vacuum too!" You see where I'm going with this? I wish I had an unending wallet so I could just hire someone and give them my vision and then leave for a week on vacation and come back and see this beautiful office! LOL!

I think Ikea is going to be our saving grace and help us stay in budget for some furniture. Lowe's will also become a best friend since we want to build a bar/counter that can function as a nail bar if we have an event there, to being a work station to pack orders, to a place to sit and have lunch. The space is small so it needs to be multifunctional for us. I am wanting an old hollywood, nail bar, boutique feel to the space. Can I mix any more things together? In my mind I can see it. Budget wise, that is a whole 'bother ballgame!
My dream desk! It's the Hollywood Swank by Jane Seymour Collection. Financially, this will stay a dream though. One day...

Gorgeous seating by the Hollywood Swank by Jane Seymour Collection. It swivels! I was sitting on this one last night day dreaming at the store. LOL

I really think this is going to be the seating. This settee comes in a dove gray velvet with rhinestone buttons. Not appropriate for my house, but perfect for the office! This is also from the Hollywood Swank by Jane Seymour collection.

In the photos above you can see the damask wallpaper in the background. I'm thinking one wall accented in this print.

I would love a bar similar to this in there. This would double as my desk and work area.  It can serve double duty for me which is cost and space effective. 

And of course because my life just wouldn't be my life with out a fully loaded schedule, I have two of my favorite cousins coming into town in just over a week (just days after we get the office keys) and they are staying with us. So we will have a full house for a weekend. I can't wait! We are also planning a mini reunion of sorts, I have a close cousin who lives just over an hour away from me who is also coming down. Then I have 2 cousins that moved to FL that I haven't seen since I was 13 or 14 that are coming down as well so we can all hang out. I can't tell you how excited I am to see them and get to hang with my all my cousins. I think the last time we were all together was when my family briefly lived in PR. So you know we are going to have a lot of fun! Maybe I can put them to work helping get the office ready? NAH! It's just going to be a fun weekend - NO WORK! (Well maybe a little work, I can't help but to always be thinking about the Cult!)

I have all today's orders packed already. I need to get them to the Post Office, get my house cleaned and get ready to go run some more errands. Exciting right? More updates soon!


  1. Have fun shopping and enjoying your family time!

  2. Yes, I feel the same about working from home!! I think it's not just working from home - it's when it's your own business that you love. It's never a burden to squeeze in a few extra hours. lol

  3. Wow! You will have the most glam business premises in the country!

  4. How fun! Can't wait to see pictures of your new office!

  5. I love damask wallpapers, i also have one wall with a similar wallpaper and it looks wonderful ! Looking forward to the newest pics of your office ! Have a fab weekend ! XX

  6. oh I understand this feeling! my boyfriend and I (dating 10 years so might as well be my husband) just bought our first house together.... before that we were living in a one bedroom apartment... when we were in the apartment we thought we had so much stuff.... it barely fills on room in our house! it is empty! there is so much we need to buy in terms of furniture and window coverings... and painting and decorating.. it can be very overwhelming! anyway I saw this segment on the today show yesterday morning and there was some cool decorating ideas! so I thought I would share it ...

  7. Wooo so busy!!! I wish I had as much energy as you!!