Thursday, May 24, 2012

All in A Day

It's been a while hasn't it? I feel like I can breathe again. This last $5 sale was a great big learning experience! I am truly grateful for all of the support and love for our brand. I was overwhelmed in a good way by the response to the sale! I was not prepared. I won't bore you with, but I will say because I was not expecting the sale to go so well, I had a lot of work ahead of me, had I foreseen the amount of love, I would have been better prepared. Lessons learned for our upcoming pre-sale event!
In case you don't receive our emails, The pre-sale event begins this weekend!! 

I ended up having fellow Culties Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles and Kari from Once Bitten blog come over and help get everyone's orders out! I also had a good friend (the face of our Cult Fairy Tale promo above!) come over and help. She was in the middle of moving out of state and had a house to prepare and still took the time to come over an help! How amazing of a friend is that? She is already out of state now, so sad.

The signs getting put on our office doors while we were packing orders.

Anyway so much has been going on, I've definitely been staying busy. I attended our FL Beauty Blogger meet up last weekend which is always fun. But it went by way to fast! Our group is growing with each meet up. We had a great group of sponsors for this even and I can't wait to tell you all about the products that we received to review. I just haven't had an opportunity for pictures yet. But I will say one item we received was Reviva Labs Makeup Primer and OMG - it is the best primer I have ever tried hands down! I am not kidding, I need to get  a review of this stuff done this weekend for you guys!

Some of our group. Some were inadvertently left out of this picture. We did have a photographer there, so hopefully we will see her pictures soon and they'll be better than my phone pics!

After our blogger event my family went to Universal to unwind. My mind was on packing orders the entire time, but since the post office was closed, I guess it didn't matter. But I was still wanting to get back to work, but family time has to be just as important. Sometimes we just have to remind ourselves of that.

Ah time to get back to work! I am going to get some more Cult Nails work done this morning and then I'm taking the afternoon off so I can clean my house and do some laundry. My house was sorely let go during the sale. Oh and maybe I can fit groceries in too? It's been 2 weeks since I've done groceries! My poor kids! I just haven't had time! And a friend's birthday dinner tonight too. What? You know how I like to be kept busy! I got this! Hope you all have a great day!

Me being cheesy in front of the door sign. Still a lot more work to do, but driving up and seeing that on the door! WOW! 


  1. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your door sign has an error. Online is actually one word when you're using it that way. Your sign company should have proofed that for you!

  2. Jenessa it is one word. I thought the same thing when I saw it and he showed me with a space in the middle. Something to do with the N and L together makes it look like 2 words. I did ask if he could put them closer together, unfortunately it is done by a machine and he could not. :(

    1. Silly fonts! It looks fine to me (English major!) but I hate it when fonts do that. Compared to the other spacing you can tell it is one word. ;)

    2. hmmm ... the N and E in LINE look just fine together. That's kinda weird about the N and L, since the side of the L is basically identical to the side of the E ... suspicious -.-

    3. Geez! There is always a member of the Grammar Police in the crowd! Your sign is awesome!

  3. I absolutely love the pic of you in front of the door! SO cute! You can see how happy you are :) Your days are jam packed, but it must be a great feeling to be doing it for something you love <3 Definitely take some time for you!!

  4. Oh congratulations Maria!!! The door looks fabulous (you should be proud!)

    I got my sale order in the mail yesterday WHOOP! Thanks for having SUCH an awesome sale--I can't wait to get my hands on the new collection of course ;) (or should I say get them on my hands? LOL)

    One of these days I will get to one of those meetups! Normally chatty me will probably be mute in awe of all you incredible ladies!


  5. You have to be dancing around in little happy dances all the time! Dream come true! I can't wait to see what the futue brings for Maria and Cult Nails!

  6. If that were my door, I would be cheezy, too. Revel in it.

  7. Your new sign looks awesome and you look cute as always! I wish I had a big group of bloggers in my area. I have met one or two!

  8. Tee-hee! Love the door pic! :D You must be so excited!

    I wish I had a blog so I could join all the Central FL blogger fun! wahaha! :P

  9. Congrats .... Enjoy every moment...