Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's Catch Up Shall We?

While I catch you up, I will post a few of my mani pics from this week that I shared on Instagram this week.

Have you ever had a week where everything seemed just a bit off? I feel like I accomplished so much, but yet nothing at all. So strange! Every day I wanted to come on here and do a few posts, but before I knew it something would get in the way and a post never happened. My hours have been all over the place this week too. I have been meeting with people, learning lots and with the kids on summer break been that taxi and pool mom. Which means I have been waking up working then taking care of kids then working all night til about 9 or 10pm. It makes the days seem so much longer! Never mind what Juan is doing. He is trying to make headway at the office. We have one room about 90% done, now we have another room, bathroom and entry ways left to go. We started with the hardest room, so I am hoping the rest is a bit easier from here. But he has been coming home around midnight most nights this week. I have no idea how he is functioning at work. Somehow he is still maintaining his workout schedule. Me on the other hand.... Well I think I worked out 3 times in May! No bueno!! I need to get my butt back in gear FAST!

Coco did this manicure on me! I am seriously impressed with her skills at 12 yrs old! Side note: I wish I took a picture of the nails she did on herself the other day. As much as she loves nails the kid is a nail biter so she has the tiniest nails and she painted the British flag on each nail and put rhinestones on one. It was such an amazing manicure! I asked if she did it for the Queen's jubilee, and she looked at me like HUH? She did it for One Direction! Such a cutie! I am going to have her do my nails once a week and share it with you guys. 

I think I need to figure out what the summer schedule will be while the kids are off. It seems to throw everything off a bit, and I'm sure once I get in a  groove, they will be back at school! LOL!

This weekend should prove to be an interesting weekend. Today will be filled with more office work, orthodontist appts and then this evening I head to Orlando. Neiman Marcus has invited the FL Beauty Bloggers to a breakfast of sorts where they will show us all the wonderful things the beauty dept at Neiman's has to offer. I am so looking forward to this! But I'm not looking forward to an early morning drive to Orlando, so I'm spending the night there tonight instead. Then Monday I am off to Premiere Orlando which is the biggest hair, spa, nail show for salon professionals. I will have the pleasure of meeting with NailPro Magazine, Launchpad and I believe Nails Magazine as well! I really wanted a booth at Premiere, but I would have to sell so much just to break even, that I go into panic mode when I think about it. I so want to plan for this for next year and go. I wish I could talk to other polish companies so I would know if I was right or wrong or how it all works. I am just so scared to jump in, but at the same time I think this is the direction we need to take as our next step. So this year I will be there doing as much research as I can.
Evil Queen and my Rebecca Minkoff Covet bag. Major fan girl moment when she re-Instagramed my photo!

I actually met an amazing nail tech this week. When I say we clicked as soon as we met, I am not kidding! She is living my dream! Yes I still have a desire to be a nail tech. She was so inspiring and knows so much about the industry. I could FEEL her passion just talking to her! She gave me some amazing advice and once she opens her new salon in Orlando, you bet I will be letting you all know so you can experience her amazingness for yourself if you ever come to the Orlando area! I hope to meet some more amazing techs at Premiere. I just don't know how that would happen. But if you are a nail tech and going to Premiere or know a nail tech going, let me know, I would love to meet you!

Evil Queen with Happy Ending tips

So it will be an exciting start to the weekend and an exciting finish on Monday! In the meantime, have you purchased the Fairy Tale collection on Pre-Sale yet? Tomorrow is the last day of the pre-sale event! All pre-sale orders will be shipped by June 15th and on that same day we will post the collection for sale individually and if all goes well some of our nail art supplies as well! WAHOO! I have a feeling Tuesday's post is going to be a super long one so I can fill you in on the amazing weekend! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram, because you know I will be posting play by plays! I'm on Cult Nails on there! Have a great weekend!
Princess base and Charming sponged on and a rhinestone accent

As soon as I finished that manicure, we decided to hit the beach to see if we could see any turtles. But as I stepped outside this little guy was sitting there. How appropriate. I had to pick him up for a photo op. He looks so confused here! I let him go back to whatever it is he was doing after the picture. Imagine the story he went back and told the other toads. LOL!


  1. Maria, I don't know how you do it. You are a wonderwoman!

    Got my polishes here in the UK and am wearing a distinctly un-Jubilee Let Me Fly. Such a quality polish. Basically one coat! Amazing!


  2. Good luck on all your networking at Premier! Don't be afraid to jump in, you know your product and you know it's quality!! So go out there and make all us new (and old) cult fans proud!! xo E

  3. Paula Devi WagnerJune 1, 2012 at 2:15 PM

    Just got my two first polishes today and I am in heaven. Have a great time at the show. Hey, wouldn't it be great if Neiman's carried Cult Nails? Your nails look great and I continue to regret not ordering Evil Queen with my just arrived today first order. I'm such a baby. I want it now.......
    Looks like I'll be beefing up my new cult connection.

  4. Love the mani's! Hope the weekend went well for you!