Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nude Wedges

So yesterday's workout kicked my ass! I decided on taking a class that I hadn't tried before. You know mixing it up so I get excited again. Well this class description seemed as if it would be a bit easier than the Strong classes I'd been taking. Oh no, not so much, It was such a challenge keeping up. I couldn't do all the moves and by the end I was a limp noodle. But the good thing is I love a challenge, I'm extremely competitive, and hate not mastering something, so I will be back until I get it right! Although my water consumption apparently has not been what it should be, because I ended up with a major headache by the end of the workout. The headache kept getting worse and I was in bed early and then slept late! I still feel like I could be sleeping! So I didn't wake up early enough to go to the beach for a walk, so I am going to wait until the evening to take my walk.

Anyway today I bring you my need for a new pair of nude wedge sandals. I bought a pair of nude wedges from Payless about 7 or 8 years ago now. If I knew how much I would love those wedge sandals I would have bought like 10 pairs! They were a perfect match for my skin tone, they slide on and off, no messy straps to deal with, they had a skinny wedge with a small platform. At the time they were years ahead of the nude shoe, platform wedge trend. Which is surprising for a store like Payless. I wore them everyday. But about 2 years ago I had to admit that they had lived their life. There was no repairing them to bring them back, there was no cleaning them, they were done. Since then I have been on the hunt. I can't find ANY nude (more of a camel color to match my skin tone) skinny wedge sandals that slide on. Well I guess it is time to give up and look at alternative styles. I have searched for hours and have come up with three pairs that I like. I figured I would show you guys and you can help me decide. I love that I can just pin these on Pinterest so I don't have to remember where I found them! YAY Pinterest!

This first pair is Ivanka Trump exclusively for Nordstoms. retail: $134.95. These are my favorite of the three. The color and wedge matches my old Payless pair. They are open and airy. But $135 for sandals? I think I paid $30 for the ones I bought at Payless. Which back then was expensive for Payless but the entire sandal including the wedge was leather. And as long as they lasted and as much as I loved them, really they were a steal. So is $135 really so bad if I will always wear them? I just don't know that I can justify it at the moment.

Then I look at these and I am torn, maybe these are my favorite? I think I prefer the Ivanka Trump ones. These are Nine West and retail for $85 on Zappos. The reviews aren't great, but I have other wedge sandals in this style and I don't find them uncomfortable, so perhaps I would be fine with them? 

OK now that I see these again, I'm not liking them. That big circle in the middle, the espadrille style in the back. I mean cute sandal, but I want something that can dress up or down. I want a more classic look. Now that I look at these again, it's really not what I'm looking for. These are Guess and retail for $119.95. OK so I just eliminated one pair off the list. That was easy!

Of course my post wouldn't be complete without my asking if you know of a pair of wedge sandals you think I would love? If so post a link in the comments so I can check them out. And of course I will share which ones I decide on.

On a little side note, we are so behind on the nail art supplies. It has been such a challenge trying to branch out of nail polish. There are so many aspects and in the middle of the Fairy tale collection which was delayed by about a month on it's release and an office buildout that is taking longer than we expected, there is just so much going on that we keep pushing the nail art aside. Since this is new and a test for us, I think we are going to put out about 10 pieces a month to see how it goes. We aren't sure that we will continue to carry nail art supplies or if we will stick to what we do best, which is nail polish. But we will get there. I'll do a post once we are ready to release them. Thanks for your patience. 


  1. Not sure if the colour is quite right, but take a look at these from LOFT:

  2. I LOVE the first pair! This is how I figure you can justify the $134.95 price tag....considering they are a well made shoe and you got 6 years out of the last pair, you should easily get 6 years out of the Ivanka's...$134.95 divided by 6 is only $22.50 a year for the shoes. Doesn't that make it seem awfully affordable? :-) I say it's a great investment!

  3. I don't know what size you wear, but the metallic ones might even be better: