Thursday, June 14, 2012

Survey Results & Winner Selected!

We've been working really hard this week to get out all the Cult Fairy Tale polishes out for those who ordered during the pre-sale, so I was finally able to take some time today to check the survey results. Would you like to know what the results are too?

First we received an overwhelming 1,723 responses to our survey! WOW! We even received 1 grammar correction! Darn it! I even had John double check me! But at least I was in good company since 1,722 of you did not catch it, or just didn't want to correct me! (:

How many days in a typical week do you wear polish?
77.6% of you wear polish 6 - 7 days a week! You really are Culties!

What is the average amount you spend on a  bottle of polish?
74.1% spend $6-10, but based on several comments you cap at around $8 per bottle.

How many bottles of polish do you purchase in an average month?
This was split across the board.

28.2% of you buy 4 - 6 bottles of polish a month! WOW! I'm in good company then! :) Yup I still buy even though I only wear my own. I have a bit of a problem I guess. Hey it counts as market research right?

25.7% buy 1 - 3 bottles of polish a month. You guys have amazing self control!

24.1% of you buy more than 10 bottles each month! Um can I come to your house and play? PLEASE??

21.6% of you buy 7 - 10 bottles each month. WOW! I am seriously impressed! I'll come play at your house too!

Do you get your nails done at a salon?
57.6% of you like to do your own nails! Love it. 23.5% of you go once in a while just because. Me too! It's nice to get spoiled every once in a while! The rest of you are evenly split among the rest of the answers, except .5% of you go regularly. So nice! I like doing my own nails, but I would love to go for a regular pedicure. Maybe one day...

How did you hear about us?
44.4% of you heard about us from bloggers! If that doesn't tell you the power of a blogger, I don't know what will? I love going to blogs to read reviews on products before I buy them, so this was great to see. That and the fact that I love blogging too, so that makes me happy! :) The rest was split between the rest of the answers.

How old are you?
Sorry to ask such a personal question, but I am constantly asked what the average age of my demographic is. Um, women who love wearing nail polish and pretty things are my demographic? I have fans from 2 all the way to 85, so I never gave this much thought. Do you guys really want to know where most Cultie's ages fall?

51.2% of you are 21 - 30. Man live it up girls! This is when you can figure out who you might want to be, or you may be on your way already. But believe me, you will still grow and change so much and if you're anything like me you'll still feel 27 at 37. I think I somehow got stuck there in my mind anyway! LOL!

29.5% of you are in my age group! 31 - 40! Woot! Woot! We are living the life aren't we? I always tell people I did this when I was 35, it's never too late to change your career or what you want to do with your life! Heck I didn't even get my degree from college until I was 31! I guess I'm a bit behind the curve on everything, but I'm loving every minute of it!

The rest of you are evenly split among the other age groups. :)

Have you tried Cult Nails polishes yet?
63.3% of you have! WAHOO! That's more than half of you! I love it! As for the rest of you, no worries, I will get to you yet...

If you haven't tried Cult Nails, why not?
35.2% of those who answered said because it was too expensive, while 28.8% said you just don't order online. Interesting. How do I change that?

Now on to the comments! Over 1,000 of you left a comment! WOW! Most of the comments were so sweet and heartfelt. I actually teared up about half way through reading so much love and support. I'm not a sappy person, but I always have this little nagging piece that reminds me that this can all go away in an instant, just like a dream. I have to keep working hard and being me. I worry sometimes that maybe I put too much out there. But after reading all your comments, I feel confident that I am working in the right direction!

There was also a lot of constructive criticism and I love that you all made your suggestions in such a nice way. No one was rude about their comments, and we can really take them and grow and learn from them. Unfortunately I can't make them all happen, but I can certainly work on them.

Here are some of the most received comments/suggestions:

I go to XYZ college. College kids are broke and we don't have credit cards! You should come to my college! 
That would be awesome! I know some companies do pop up tents at colleges and we are looking at trying it out at a local college here to see how it goes. So who knows, this just may be something we try in the future!

International shipping is expensive. 
Our shipping is actually quite reasonable for International orders. It starts at $8 and goes to $14, depending on how many bottles you order. Although if you want tracking and insurance the rates do increase drastically from there. I wish we could make it cheaper, but we are cheaper than most!

I live in England, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong... I wish you shipped to here.
We do! To all of the above and many more. If you want to know if we ship to your area, just send us an email. It doesn't matter where you live internationally shipping ranges from $8 - $14 depending on how many bottles you order. If you want tracking and insurance, email us for a quote.

I wish I could see your polishes in person before buying. Are you in any salons/stores near me?
I wish we were! We are working on making that happen, but it may be a while before we get there. If you know of a salon, boutique or store in your area that would be a perfect fit, send us an email and let us know!

I wish you would branch out a little more. I would love to see more neons, glitters, holos, opaques, jellies.... 
Ah so would we! I love hearing what you guys want, it really helps us get those colors out there. And yes we do need to branch out more. I am noticing I have a very specific style. I need to break out a little bit more.

I would love to see more reds and oranges and less blues and greens!
Gotcha! Juan agrees, although he says no more reds too! We definitely need oranges, but we will have 3 reds come July. You want more? I can make it happen though!

More blues and greens please!!
Ha! Ha! That's funny! OK if I must! :)

Bring back Clairvoyant/Unicorn Puke and Toxic Seaweed!
I wish I could! If I could, I would believe me. But as of right now, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. :(

So there you have it! There were many  more comments, but these are the ones that popped up over and over again. Thank you all again for taking the time to do our survey and all your support! We have a lot more work ahead of us and we will continue to keep pushing forward and making the colors you want to see happen!

As for the winner, a lovely girl named Lisa was selected and emailed. She has already responded to the email and we will be packing her polishes and sending them out tomorrow! Congratulations Lisa!


  1. Thanks for doing this, the demographics are fascinating to me! I have to disagree with the "more reds and oranges" lol EVERY brand seems to be all pinks reds and oranges (Zoya, OPI, I'm looking at you!) Keep the blues/purples/greens coming :)

    1. I love the diversity among our fans! I try to do one of something to make everyone happy with each collection. So hopefully this will keep working! :) I have some blue ideas too... Man how can I not do blues and greens!

  2. Wow that was a lot of aswers! It´s so interesting to read what other people think! I´m getting excited to think perhaps we are going to see some holos and large glitters from Cult Nails! Yeah!
    Congratulations to Lisa, she´s the luckiest lady in the World!!
    Thanks for you continuos support and kind attention to all the bloggers, big or small blogs, american or worldwide

    1. I love seeing what everyone thinks too! We are still working on holos. I think there are so many amazing glitters out there, so I have shyed (sp?) away from doing them, but it seems everyone wants them, so I may have to come up with some ideas.

    2. I agree with Julie. Most glitters are from brands that sell only via Etsy or that don't ship internationally. I think that is a great opportunity for you, that actually do ship to other countries!
      In Argentina we don't see glitters often, only when a friend that lives in the US visits.
      I'd love to buy glitters if you made them!!! :D

  3. I loved reading this! Interesting stuff! Congrats to Lisa :)

    1. I agree, it was very interesting reading!

  4. Hah! Bring back Clarivoyant and Toxic Seaweed was one of the things I had said, I guess I'm in good company :) I could still kick myself for not getting Toxic Seaweed when I could! :)

    I just vote for more flakies, because I love them. More flakie polishes!

    1. Oh you are in very good company! I still get emails regularly asking for them too! Believe me I won't stop looking for them! Heck I'm still working on holo's even though they have only been available overseas so far. I will find a way darn it!

  5. Congrats to the very lucky Lisa. Thanks for sharing the answers. That's neat to see the ages and how many bottles they buy a week!!

  6. So great to hear you received great feedback and no rude comments :) I really love the idea of having a pop-up shop or something like that at colleges! I think that has great potential :) Where I went to college, there were events on weekends in the student union - the idea was that the school worked hard to provide an alternative to going to parties - having a manicure station would be AWESOME!!!

  7. I just love how passionate you are! I love all of my Cult Nails polishes so much, I can't wait to order more! That FairyTale collection will be mine, LOL!
    Thanks for all you do Maria you are AWESOME!

  8. wow, those are some very interesting results :) I'm on the group that hasn't tried your polishes, I'm a student AND from a little country (Chile) so neither helps, LOL. I was even broke for your $5 sale, boo.

    But I will continue supporting you and your business from the distance until I can actually try your polishes and share them with the people around me :)

  9. I have a question, those international shipping rates are the same as the rates inside the US that I got on my orders, is that correct?

  10. I loved the survey and hope you'll do additional surveys every now and then. .... even without a giveaway :-) I really love your polish and like your variety. ... any chance of a couple of different shades of coral and a white jelly? Keep up the good work, Maria. .... and congratulations to lucky Lisa.

  11. So great to see the answers! The one that surprised me... How much people spend on average per bottle! It's an eye-opener alright! I think your polish is cheap! In NZ a bottle of OPI cost $27 so why would you get that when you can get 2 bottles of Cult Nails polish! :) Thanks for sharing this with us all :)

  12. I actually disagree with the international shipping rates question. I think its the cheapest I've come across. I live in Australia and it's $7 shipping from within Australia from Picture Polish. So something that's coming form half way across the world is only $1 dearer than from interstate, I think that's good prices! And lets all remember how expensive shipping is when it coming from Layla Cosmetics! I LOVE CULT NAILSSS!!!

  13. Huge congrats to Lisa! Thanks for posting the results. I had fun taking this survey :)

  14. I love seeing the results! So cool :)