Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bad Nail Day - Yup They Happen!

Have you ever had a bad nail day? Similar to a bad hair day, it's one of those days where you set out to do your nails, and in your head you know just how great it's going to look. You take out all your supplies and you get to work. And then, it all goes down hill. You keep hitting a nail and ruining it, or the design just doesn't work out or who knows what.
I used Untamed as my base polish
That was me the other day. I wanted to break out my new Bundle Monster plates and play! After what seemed like forever taking the covers off the plates, I decided I just didn't have it in me to use them. I spent too much time already. So a few days later I broke out the plates again and set out to use one of the designs that made me get the plates in the first place. It gives the look of a gradient manicure. I was super excited to see if this would make the gradient manicure easier to do. Unfortunately my plate was not properly etched and the design would just wipe off the plate each time I tried. I tried with various polishes and finally with a polish made for stamping and nothing. No matter what I did, it wouldn't pick up. Frustrated I ran my finger across the plate and instantly you could tell it was not deep enough to work. I was a bit disappointed, so I picked up another plate and this design had spots where it was not picking up. Now I was concerned, I was wondering if maybe I got a bad batch, which is not characteristic of the plates I've received from Bundle Monster in the past. So bummed. Not one to give up I tried a third and fourth design. One I didn't like while it was on my nails, so I immediately took that off and set off on repainting my nails to go with the 4th and final design. Unfortunately I didn't let the design dry enough before putting on Wicked Fast and it ran a bit on my nails. Grrr. Let's not even talk about my index finger that I kept hitting on everything and had to do 7 times!!!

I am reusing the swatch pics since I didn't retake these since I already had some, but it came out so pretty I now have it on my toes too! 
I spent almost 3 hours on my nails!! HELLO! Who has this kind of time? So frustrating! The only reason I am still even sporting this manicure is because it took so long to do, but seriously I just want this off my nails for a do over!
The final product. It doesn't look this bad in person, I actually keep getting compliments on it, but I can't wait to change it!! 

The only good thing is that I'm wearing Untamed and I love that pink! At least there is one redeeming piece to this manicure.


  1. I do like how it looks! So disappointing about those BM plates, though. I saw someone use that gradienty stamp, so it must just be your set. Bummer.

  2. I've definitely had bad nail days too! Those are the days when I can't seem to get out of my own way. I am the WORLD's WORST STAMPER(officially) so your stamping actually looks pretty stellar to me :)I don't know what it is about stamping, but I just can't get the hang of it. Too bad, since it's such a great tool! I just love the pics of Coco's collection. Please tell her 'Happy Birthday' from a fellow Cancerian (mine is this Friday, the 13th!)

  3. I hate when I spend that much time on my nails...They really do look great still though! No one ever notices that little bit of smudging.

  4. Untamed is gorgeous. Who cares about the stamping anyway?

  5. You should contact bundle monster they have great customer service and they will send you replacement plates for the bad ones

  6. Ummm, I think we had the same day....Sunday evening I decided to try my hand at my first gradient mani and selected Scandalous as my base and Evil Queen to sponge over. After 3 coats of Scandalous I thought I was ready to sponge, but I didn't wait long enough for the base to dry. While I was able to make my left hand look good, my right hand was HORRID - so add several more layers of polish to try to help, I ended up covering the entire gradient with Captivated.....It looks great, although you can hardly see the gradient and 2 days later, I'm still not sure the 14 coats on a couple fingers are dry (that includes 2 coats of Wicked Fast which is holding up beautiful!!!). I love the look, but it took 4 hours and was not the look I was going for. Can't wait to order Coco's Untamed Collection in a little over 9 hours, love this pink......

  7. Oh gosh, btdt...and I *think* I'm finally over my fear of saying "it's JUST nailpolish--redo!" So yeah I've had some "hot mess manis" :P

    Personally--I think that looks AWESOME! So pretty!

    Did you contact BM? I certainly would! I mean the plates are a good price but defective is defective!

    (Just bought the Coco collection *huge grin*)