Monday, July 9, 2012

Colored Denim Trend

The colored denim trend hasn't died yet and it looks like it's going to continue on into the Fall/Winter season. I for one am still loving the trend, and have a few more pairs now than I ever planned on having. The problem is that here in FL the summer is so hot, that you pretty much wear tank tops and shorts or pants. Since I love looking at style blogs, you would think I would find some inspiration there, but it seems like every blogger I follow is in some perpetual state of Spring and Fall. I could never wear what they wear, or I would just be sweating all day. But then, I feel like sometimes there is just no way to dress up tanks and shorts or jeans. So in my attempt to bring some more fashion to my colored denim, I thought I would share some of the ideas I came across with you. :) Of course i'll even give you mani suggestions for each look too! What more could you ask for?

Daytime Look
Colored Denim

Top from AllyFashion, Jacket from, Jeans from, Wedge sandals from

OK, so I just said we pretty much wear tanks and jeans or shorts and here I show a blazer with the outfit. But inside I am always cold, so I do sometimes have a jacket or sweater with me that I will wear while inside. So I would say this is a cute outfit if you work in a casual environment, or for a daytime date, where you can throw the jacket on if you get chilly. Otherwise while outside you can still look cute. I have more or less this outfit and can't wait to wear it. I scored these Genetic Denim James cigarette ankle leg jeans from Ideeli for $50, which is such a steal right now since at Shop Bop their $220. I also ordered the tank, but haven't received it yet, so hopefully it fits and I already have a white blazer and nude wedges, so I plan on wearing this very outfit soon! Wahoo!

As for nails with this outfit, I am thinking this manicure that Chit Chat Nails did using In a Trance and our bronze nail studs. I think it would be the perfect finish.

Daytime Look

Colored Denim
Top on left from, top on the right from, shorts from, sandals from

Here is a look I love and don't have in my wardrobe yet. A cute pair of colored shorts and a fitted tank with a bit of a sweetheart neckline. Love it. Of course, if my daughter were to wear this she could get away with the top on the left. For those of us a bit more conservative, the one on the right is a bit better of an option.

If I had this outfit with the top on the right, I would pair it with Untamed for my mani. It is such a fun vibrant color and would be the perfect finishing touch.

Evening Look

Colored Denim Evening
Top from, jeans from J Brand, Shoes from

To bring the colored denim look to evening, you may want to pick a darker pair like these J Brand jeans in Noir Red. I have a feeling these are going to be the it jeans this Fall.  The good thing about picking a darker pair for evening now, is that these will take you well into the Winter months. I can so picture these with some knee high boots and a slouchy sweater too. I love that this is sexy and sophisticated all at the same time. I can't get over these Frank Sarto sandals either. OK I just want this entire outfit!

This outfit screams for a vampy nail to go with it. So I would rock never more with either clear rhinestone studs or some gold flakes.


  1. I absolutely love In A Trance and paired with orange colors it is fabulous. Lisa Moore