Thursday, July 5, 2012

How I Spent my 4th of July

I hope all of you in the States had a great 4th of July. We didn't do much of anything. Coco did my nails and then I spent most of my day off going through my personal collection of polishes. My goal was to get rid of any and all polish that is non-Cult Nails polish. I buy other brands still but not often at all. But when I see a color that I absolutely must have, then I buy it. I also sometimes buy the it colors so I can study them and research the crap out of them. Why did you all love it so much? What did you hate? Why didn't I think of this color first? (I seriously do think this sometimes! ha!) Rarely does it spurn a "Oh I have an idea!" moment so I'm not sure why I even do this really. It is probably just part of my obsessive nature. As a result, I have polishes dating back to before my blog, but also since starting my blog in 2008 especially, tons of hard to finds and many it colors.

That Independence Day Mani I started with

Since I have this nice little treasure of at last count was about 800 polishes (gulp), I would do a blog sale. But as I sat there going through all the polishes I began separating them into three piles. Cult Nails polishes and creations including all my multiple lab samples. (You would be surprised how many colors we send to the lab to get made and how few actually make it into the line. Sometimes I can't make a color to send to the lab to recreate for me, sometimes I have to give them my concept/idea and hope they can get what is being envisioned in my head and make it into a polish.) ANYWAY, I digress, so I was separating the polishes into 3 piles, the Cult colors, the ones I could part with and the ones I just couldn't part with. (I thought for sure I could part with more than I actually did, turns out I just can't part with a single RBL or Chanel polish, no matter what. I love each and every one I own too much.) It was amazing how many polishes instantly brought me back to a particular day, week, occasion, feeling. The ones that didn't give me that instant pang if I got rid of it, went into the give away pile. Some I dug back through and grabbed and then ended up back in the give away box. I went back and forth like this all day.

Coco giving me a mani

After several hours I organized and cleaned out all the polishes. I thought at first I would do a blog sale and maybe recoup a small chunk of the money I had spent on these polishes. But as a polish line owner I just didn't feel right about this.  It just felt kind of weird, you know? But it sure would have been nice to have a few extra bucks with a vacation coming up. But the reality is what it is, and if I am not feeling right about it, then there is a reason for that.

Coco's mani, I still have this on my nails, I really need to change my mani! 

So I thought this is what I would do. I reached out to a fellow blogger who knows of a few youth groups and shelters in our Central FL area and I am going to hand off these babies off to her to divvy up and donate. She typically takes any left over swap polishes from our group meet ups to donate, so I know she will find loving places for these. I think I have about 650 - 700 to donate. I wonder if they will think it's crazy when they get all these? I wish I knew of places on my own, but all in due time I suppose. It's a start and I feel comfortable with that.
A blurred out pic of some of the stash that will find new homes. It's blurred and in B&W on purpose so  no one has a heart attack over what is in there. LOL

Kind of a nice chill day off. I spent it with memories and cleaning. It was fairly quiet around here, so it was the perfect day for it. (read: boring) We had seen fireworks Monday night, so I didn't feel like I was missing out. And once my girls returned, we watched 21 JumpStreet, had a few laughs and called it a night. No BBQ's, no friends, no crazy crowds. Quite different from years passed. I will say though as nice as it was, next year, I think I want a return of the madness.


  1. Thank you for blurring it for my heart health. I think that it is a great idea to donate them! I have way too many polishes, around 800 I think, I gave away a few to a blogger that seems to be really nice and I think it made her day. It is fun to give. Selling, not as fun. Can not wait to get your daughters new line! Love the lime green the most!

    1. Thank you for being so generous and amazing. : )

  2. Another place that always appreciates donated nail polish, is lower income nursing homes. The activity staff always welcome nail polish gifts, especially in more traditional/frosty colors. And a few navy/blacks to help kick things up for a few of the "younger" residents LOL !

    That being said, great idea to donate some of your stash !

  3. Some schools that have the standardized tests also do special activities for their students that do well on the tests or benchmarks. At those celebrations, they sometimes have somebody doing nails for the girls (and any boys that want to). So you could ask some teachers if they are doing things like that and would like donations to help out.

  4. What an awesome way to purge! Kudos to you for letting them go and in such a generous way!

  5. if saw this from another blog. i wish its available here in the Philippines.

  6. Another organization is Polished Girlz They visit Children's Hospitals and spread the joy of doing nails.

    Great that you are making a donation of the polish to some people who will use it!