Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Guest Post by GeniaBeMe - Nail Art Challenge

I'm still on vacation, which I am having a blast by the way. I should be back 
to business come next week and boy do I have a ton of posts lined up! I think 
I needed this break to get back in the swing. I have so much to share with you 
guys from CosmoProf, to our MA & NYC meet ups and reviews and of course
upcoming polishes. but in the mean time, the beautiful Eugenia from the blog 
GeniaBeMe agreed to do a post for me while I was gone. She's in the middle of 
a major move and came up with the idea to have me send her a box of colors 
that she would then use all the colors in a nail art challenge. But just to add to 
the challenge, she then also came up with a coordinating eye look that you can 
go check out on her blog! How fun! I hope you enjoy her post. Thank you so 
much Eugenia for doing this challenge and keeping everyone entertained over 

I was so excited when Maria asked me to do a guest post! We were throwing 
out ideas and the “challenge” was created! Maria picked 4 colors for me which 
I had to create a mani and FOTD with. I decided to try a freehand cheetah print 
on top of a gradient! The colors I received are:  Deal With It, Untamed, Nevermore, 
and Vicious. I knew Untamed was going to be a little more sheer than the others 
so I decided I definitely wanted that as my base. Keep on reading to see how to 
achieve this semi easy mani! Also excuse the nubs, I broke some of my nails 
while I was moving.

You will need:
Cult Nails Deal With It
Cult Nails Untamed
Cult Nails Nevermore
Cult Nails Vicious
Wedge Cosmetic Sponge
2 Paint Brushes (one thinner than the other)
Top Coat

1-      Paint your nails with 2 coats of Untamed. I LOVE this color. It’s 
very girly and something I would wear every day.

2-      On the flat side of the wedge sponge, paint two lines. The top 
line will be painted with Deal With It and the line right under will be 
with Untamed. Dab the sponge (Deal With It on top) on your nail. 
Dab it up and down to achieve the gradient look. Don’t forget to 
reapply nail polish when needed. I had to do this multiple times for Deal 
With It to show over Untamed. Don’t worry about the mess on the sides, 
we will clean those up after.

3-      With the thick brush paint uneven blobs with Vicious. Put them 
anywhere you want, big, or small!

4-      With the thinnest brush use Nevermore to semi outline the blobs. 
I make “C”s on each side.  Then layer on your favorite top coat and 
clean up the sides and you are done!

See! That wasn’t too bad! This is a fun mani that I really enjoyed doing. 
Thanks again Maria for having me on your blog! Now check out my post 
for the second part of the challenge, my FOTD!

My post will be located here:

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