Thursday, August 9, 2012

MA Cultie Meetup

We recently spent some time in MA and got together with a few Culties while there. This meet up was destined for failure before it even began and not because of me or the Culties who came! You see about an hour before our meet up monsoon like weather hit and the rain was just insane! Driving to the meet up was a bit scary because there was no visibility on the road. I knew at that moment that there was no way any Culties who lived any distance and were planning on traveling were going to show up.

The view out my car window as we drove to the meet up
Once we arrived safely and soaked into the restaurant, my heart died just a bit more. I'm a pretty cost conscious person and the prices for this place looked OK. Maybe a bit on the high side but not super crazy and the food looked like it would be good. Well what I didn't know is that this restaurant uses local organic food which means regular menu changes. Now I love the fact that the restaurant does this and it makes it worth paying a bit more. But I have been to a few restaurants like this and I have learned that the portions are tiny, like super tiny. Perhaps more in line with what a portion should be, but for the price I want to be able to share an appetizer with a few friends. I felt the prices were just crazy for what you got. So here I am sitting at this restaurant before any Culties showed up with the smallest appetizer ever that was way over priced for what it was and my heart sank just a bit more. I knew this was not the place for our meet up, well if anyone decided to show up that is.

My old neighbor & great friend Tara recently moved to CT and so she came out for our Cultie Meet Up. You may recognize her as the face from our Cult Fairy Tale Collection! (That's Gillette Stadium behind us outside.)
I was getting worried that no one was going to come when 7:30 hit and still no one was there. Yikes, that would be embarrassing since we had 20 RSVP's. But the weather was really that bad! (I can totally blame it on the weather and not me right?) After about 7:30 Culties started showing up and about 5 came, the rest didn't make it. But my In laws and a few of John's cousins came, so Culties got to meet our family too. 
Talking polish
It was kind of nice that not so many people showed up, I was able to really talk to everyone. I was super stoked to meet some pretty amazing ladies and even though no one ate because the prices were so crazy, well besides the bowls of french fries I made the restaurant make for each table. (For the Culties that were there, you don't even want to know what they charged us for those fries!) So bad weather, super expensive food and all, we had a great time getting to know each other and talking polish and who knows what else! Well I know what else, but if you weren't there, I can't share it with you. LOL! These girls made me feel super special by coming to hang with me and Juan. I can't wait to see these girls again the next time we're in MA!

Culties, Me & Family


  1. I was so bummed that I wasn't able to go while we were visiting MA that week! (My sis had her baby so I was at the hospital with her, holding my new niece! You know after having all boys myself, I am going to spoil her with nail polish and make sure she is a 'Cultie' ;) I'm glad you had fun, bad weather and high-priced food aside. The MA group is a good looking bunch!!!

  2. nice!

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