Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Trip to Cosmoprof NA

My travels in July started with a trip to Vegas for Cosmoprof NA. This is when I take a step back and realize just how much of a dream life I am living. I now can officially say I work in the beauty industry.   I attend Cosmoprof for a few reasons. As a brand I am there to see what else is going on in the industry as well as for the benefit of the Cult. Nothing I am ready to share just yet, but I can tell you I met some interesting companies that will help me bring Cult Nails to the next level. YAY!

I also get the fortune of attending as a blogger. I talked to several companies about Cult Nails and what I do and made some connections with some that appear to be amazing companies. I know a lot of bloggers went and it was nice to see some companies really interested in working with bloggers. I didn't canvas as hard to make connections like many of the other bloggers did, so I am looking forward to seeing who they connected with and what they discovered.

I totally forgot my camera, so I was at the mercy of my iPhone, which as much of an Apple fanatic that I am, I think I am about to give up on the iPhone and go to a Droid phone soon. So I apologize for the not so great photos. Anyway! Here is a small photo view of just some of my Cosmoprof trip. (I didn't take any photos of meetings, I don't think you care to see those! LOL!)

I was invited to attend the Katie Carzola dinner during Cosmoprof. I don't know why I didn't take a pic with Katie. But there were so many bloggers wanting pics with her, I just thought I would talk to the amazing bloggers there and then go back and talk to Katie and meet her again. I mean Katie is great, I admire her so much, but once I got to talking to the ladies there, I kind of forgot to go talk to Katie and get a picture with her before she left! Oops! Instead I opted for pics with my favorite bloggers.

Here I am with Claudia of Chromatic Misadventures. I have "known" Claudia for a few years now, and I have been dying to meet her. I wasn't surprised that we just clicked. I'm not a huggy, touchy, feely person, although thanks to my family and friends I am admittedly getting better, but when I saw Claudia, I just threw my arms around her! LOL She is like a long lost best friend. I was so glad we finally met and then got to see each other again in NY a few days later. 

Here I am with Sinead the Self Tanning Queen. I actually just met her for the first time the week before in Orlando and now we were meeting again in Vegas! Small blogging world! I must have been hiding under a rock because I never knew of her before our Orlando meeting. She is the founder and face of Beautisol Sunless Tanning which is sold online and on HSN, a blogger and one of the founders of IFABBO if I remember correctly. I so want to be her in 5 years! (I'll be doing a review of her product real soon! I have been staying out of the sun on purpose just to do this review!)

What I wore for the evening. I found this Vince Camuto dress on clearance at Dillard's the day before I left. I was on a no shopping trip, but I could not resist this dress!

I paired the dress with my impossible to walk in, but must have Sam Edleman's

With my girl Kimberly from Libby's Pink Vanity

Another outfit from Cosmoprof. This is one of the Fashion Star dresses. I LOVE this dress. This is my go to LBD now! I had to pair it with my neon pink Guess heels.

Fuzzy pic, but I love this close up! My tattoo's are very personal to me, and I never show off my back tat, but this dress gives just a small peek of it in the best way possible. 

Had to take another pic with my girl Claudia. It's looks like we planned it. She's wearing a hot pink dress that matched my shoes perfectly with black heels. We totally matched like a prom date! LOL!

Romy from Romy Raves took her champagne to go in a Vegas cab. Only in vegas! I love this pic of her, I only just met her at Cosmoprof, but this seems to capture her personality perfectly. She is just this beautiful and happy. Love it!

Gia from Bottles and Bottles of Polish told us about this hole in the wall Italian restaurant that was a must for anyone who goes to Vegas. OMG was she ever right! This was AMAZING! Pictured here are  bloggers from the following blogs: Chromatic Misadventures, Bottles and Bottles of Polish, Polish Galore, Beauty Judy, Zadidoll

Apparently I matched everyone! I had purple polish on my toes with my neon pink heels and Sinead of The Self Tanning Queen blog had on purple heels with hot pink toes! 

My first time seeing the Bellagio hotel. WOW! I want to stay here next time with a view of this!

I'll have future posts with reviews of some of the products I get to try! I can't wait to share those with you guys. In the mean time, I will bring you all bits and pieces of my vacation in upcoming posts.


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