Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Polka Dot Nails

I did my nails using the dotting tools I bought over a year ago finally! I have been afraid of this manicure for some reason. It looked like it would be hard, but OMG, I think it's one of the easiest mani's I've done! I think you'll be seeing more of them from now on. I even planned this post before I broke my nails! Check me out this week! I'm on a roll!

I bought my dotting tools on Amazon. I put a drop of polish on a piece of paper and then using the various sizes of the dotting tool, I placed dots on my nails. That's it! Well OK, maybe it wasn't THAT easy! I made the mistake of using a top coat too soon after the manicure which made the dots run a little. So me being me, I redid the whole thing. I painted my nails, then added the top coat, THEN did the dots and then called it good. I will put top coat on later, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I used Cruisin' Nude as my base and did the dots in Nevermore

Time to get sidetracked: The break! I have been trying to grow my nails out so I could back to the stilleto shape I briefly wore last year and had to cut down to build boxes and roll burritos. But in the process I found out that my nails actually respond better to the stilleto shape than any other shape. Go figure. It seems every time I look at my nails and think cool in about a week or so they will totally be ready for the stiletto shape, I hit something, or do something that causes me to break a nail. GRRR! This time I said F' it, I am just going to do the stilleto shape now and let them grow that way. I am not a fan of the short length stiletto, but I am not giving up this time. It is what it is. SO after I did everything for this lovely post, I filed my nails, and repainted them and now they look like this:
Ironically, they are thinner and more pointy in person. I guess the camera does really add width. 

I've received a lot of good feed back on the step by step in a photo, so here you go:

And because I'm really trying to make an effort and have received a lot of emails asking for different tutorials and to keep them coming, here is a Youtube tutorial on how I did this mani! 

If you want me to take a stab at any other nail art or do any other tutorials, just let me know! I'm game for the challenge!


  1. I love these!! Dots are a nail art staple. Fun and easy and even if you never learn anything else - There's an endless supply of things you can do with just dots!!

  2. I love the combination of the black dots with Cruisin' Nude! So simple, yet it makes such an impact. I only have one dotting tool..I really need to get a few different sizes to change things up!

  3. Love it! Now that I have both Cruisin Nude and Nevermore, I am going to give this a go! More tutorials please!