Monday, September 10, 2012

Fitting Room Fun at The Shops at Target - Kirna Zabete

The Shops at Target - Kirna Zabete - Photo courtesy of Target
Long Sleeve Shirtdress $39.99 and Long Sleeve Colorblock Cardi $32.99 
 Many of you know of my love for Target already. A lot of my wardrobe is laced with pieces from Target. From their regular clothing to their designer collabs and now their Shops, it is any fashion loving persons go to place for affordable style. I do buy some higher end clothing, but those are the more classic pieces, the ones that will last through the years. And by higher end, I am not talking couture! I have never spent more than $150 on a pair of pants and that only happened once because I had a gift card! So you won't find any $1,000+ items in my closet, heck not even $500 (not counting shoes or purses and again that is only 1 in each category and they were both gifts.) So the fact that Target was teaming with Kirna Zabete had me super excited! I saved up so I could do some damage when the Shops went live on Sept 9th (yup yesterday!) Now I get to start saving all over again for Target's pairing with Neiman Marcus and some amazing designers in November! You may actually see me camping out overnight at my local Target! Something I have always thought of as a strange thing to do, but yup, totally am already mentally putting myself there so I can be ready.

The Shops at Target - Kirna Zabete - Photo courtesy of Target
Leather Jacket $199.99, Sleeveless tie-front blouse $26.99 and Metallic Jacquard Skirt $39.99

Anyway, you know me and my tangents. I was super excited for the Kirna Zabete line up. To give a bit of a back story. Target chooses shops and boutiques from around the U.S. and partners with the owners to create unique items for Target. These stores don't necessarily design clothes, shoes, housewares, but they had the opportunity with Target. Can you imagine how exciting that must be? Kirna Zabete is a Soho NY boutique that opened 11 years ago and is owned by Sarah & Beth, best friends. They sell high end fashion in their stores and now they have collaborated with Target to bring a limited edition collection that encompasses styles they love inspired by designers they love. You can check out all the great items directly on Kirna Zabete or Target's websites.

The Shops at Target - Kirna Zabete - Photo courtesy of Target
Sleeveless Maxi Dress $49.99 & Tuxedo Blazer $49.99

Of course for me this meant that I would be up chatting with some other Fashion Collab fans until the wee hours of the morning when the collection launched on Target's website. I immediately ordered 3 of the 4 pieces I thought of as my must have items. The fourth once I could zoom in on the view of the item, was no longer a must have but a must see, so I passed on that one. You would think that would be it, but it wasn't, I then proceeded to wake up early so I could be at Target bright and early and check out the items in person! I tried on some of the items and then hit the next Target. Not something I planned on doing, but there was a pair of shoes from the men's collab that I wanted to get for Juan and they sold out online in about 30 minutes from what I understand, so I wanted to hit the other local(ish) Target to us and see if we could find his shoes. There I tried on a few more items and then thanks to no shoes at that Target, while I was in Orlando this morning I stopped at another Target and yeay score! I got the shoes for John! Oh and I tried on some more outfits! :) Now don't sit there and judge me! I know you have all done this for polish before! Heck I've joined you in doing this for polish! My obsession just extends beyond polish into makeup, shoes and clothes. It is such a sad, sad thing really! LOL!
The Shops at Target - Kirna Zabete - Photo courtesy of Target
Sleeveless tie-front blouse $26.99 and High-low hem skirt $26.99
So my post for you today is fitting room fun! I posted some of the looks from Target's lookbook already, but what fun is looking at clothes on a model, when you can see them on a real person. Right? I took pics of everything I tried on and I am putting it all here for you, and maybe just maybe, you might find yourself running out to your local Target! :) Granted none of these are "styled" but it gives you an idea on the fit. I will say most of the items I had to size down in, which is great for vanity's sake! LOL! I'm not a fan of putting my sizing out there, but for those of you who may want to order online, it might be helpful for you. It just feels weird putting it out there.

Long Sleeve High Low Button up Blouse $29.99. This blouse is really long in the back, you can see in the mirror behind me. I absolutely love this blouse. It is so chic looking and has so many ways to wear it! You can wear it with jeans, pants, or even a skirt. Belted or loose. Just so many options and the mix of patterns. I just love everything about it. I got this in an XS. This one came home with me!

Hi low skirt $29.99 This was the skirt that was on my must have list, but in a different pattern. Man am I glad I passed on this skirt. It just seems to add inches to my frame. If you are petite or pettish, I'm 5'3", then this may be a bit long on you. I just did not find this fit flattering on my body. On a twiggy 5'7" I am sure this looks amazing. This is an XS

3/4 sleeve knit sweater $29.99 I almost forgot about the sweater! Totally not on my list, I am not a fan of boxy looking clothes. But for whatever reason, I wanted to try this on. It was so soft and comfy and I immediately fell in love and had to have it. It came home with me. In sweaters like this I am normally a M and I got this in an XS

Long sleeve hi-low shirt dress $44.99 OMG how I loved this dress. This is the perfect dress that you can wear to work, brunch, even around town, but still feel like you look good if you meet friends for drinks after work. I sooo wanted to get this after trying it on, but I wanted to stick to my budget, so this one stayed behind. (I ended up getting another dress which you will see in a minute.) But believe me if this one goes on sale, I am so getting it! This is an XS

Long sleeve cardigan $32.99 I really liked this cardigan. It is such a simple item that is perfect for the winter. I would wear this with a tee and jeans and belt it around my waist. I also like it how Target styled it with the dress. But this one was a bit big on me, and well, it stayed behind. This is another item I hope goes on sale eventually. In the meantime, I'll just be jealous of those who got this one. This is a S, I would need an XS

Sleeveless metallic jacquard dress $49.99 - OMG this dress! I saw it on the rack and completely dismissed it. There is no way I thought this dress would look cute on me. It has an almost suede meets leather look to it and on the hanger looked more like something a 20 something would wear. Juan saw it and said he really liked it. Of course he would! So I indulged him and tried it on. OMG! OMG! I fell in love with this dress. Sexy yet classy and funky all in one. Oh and it has pockets! Not too short or too long. Where it cinches in at the waist is perfect for someone who is short waisted like me, which if you are short waisted you know exactly what I am talking about. This one came home with me and I can't wait to wear it! I got this in a size 2! (I'm normally a 4 or 6 in dresses.)

Long Sleeve Trench $59.99 Loving this fun leopard trench. If you look closely the leopard print is actually lips! Unless you look really close, you would never know it! There are a lot of items like this throughout the collection. I think it is so unique and fun! While it rains a lot here in FL, I almost always forget to grab my trench coat and I have two. So this is not something I felt I needed to buy. However if someone wanted to buy it for me, I would not object. I think this is a perfect FL Christmas gift. (You think Juan is getting the hint? Doubtful, but not for lack of my trying! LOL!) yup an XS in this too.

Front zip sleeveless tweed & faux leather dress $44.99 and Faux leather and ponte legging $29.99 This is another dress I had no intention of trying on that Juan liked. And I am beginning to think Juan is learning a thing or two about clothes, because OMG I love this! On the right I paired it with the faux leather leggings. I wasn't a fan on the ponte panel on the sides. In the end the dress wasn't in the budget so I oh so sadly passed on this dress and passed on the leggings since for the money I would want a full faux leather legging. I also have a pair of skinny faux leather jeans I bought several yrs ago that will work, so why spend money on something when I have something that will work. But the dress. OMG! I want this so bad! Darn non unlimited budget! I am half tempted to get it anyway, but that's not going to happen. :( I will totally be jealous of the lucky lady who gets this! This one is an XS and the leggings are a 2, but admittedly a 4 would have been better, they just didn't have any 4's to try on. They fit fine everywhere but were a little tight in the caboose. I have a true Puerto Rican booty. :)

Long Sleeve Front Tie blouse $29.99  Not much to say about this blouse. I tried it on because they had it there. It truly is a beautiful top. I can see so many of my friends in this one. But it just isn't my style. This is an XS

Long Sleeve Shirt Dress $39.99 I'm beginning to feel like a broken record here. But again I LOVE this dress. I love it sooo much! But I got the hi-low shirt in the same colors, so I passed on this dress. But now I can't stop thinking of this dress. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can't stop thinking of this one and the tweed one. Oh please go on sale! I really wish I was able to save more for this collection. I wonder if I can hit my parents up for this one for Christmas? hmmm This is an XS

Long sleeve hi-low blouse $29.99  Funny as much as I love the blue print one, this one just didn't do it for me. I also have about 3 button down black shirts in various materials. I just don't need another one. This one stayed behind. This is an XS

Long sleeve tie front dress $44.99 This dress is so pretty and the attention to detail on this one is amazing! It's hard to see in the photo, but there are pleats that run all down the front and back of this dress without adding bulk. It is really a nice looking dress. I ordered the maxi dress that I posted from the lookbook above, and it has the same pleat detail, so I am now really excited to get that dress! This one however, stayed at Target. this is an XS but I think the S would have been a better fit.

Sleeveless tie front blouse $26.99 and Tuxedo Blazer $49.99 I bought the shirt yesterday and wore it today. I'll put an outfit of the day post on Instagram with this one. I love the look of the shirt and am so glad I bought it, but it is a bit scratchy. For me it is not so scratchy that it bugs me, but I think it could bug some people. I think they should have lined this one. I am also wearing the tuxedo blazer, one of my must have items. I ordered this one online, but decided to try it on when I saw it at the store. Turns out that I need an XS not the S that I ordered. I am normally a S or M or 4 or 6 in a blazer, but because I have such narrow shoulders, I needed the XS here. I will have to return my S when it gets here and I grabbed the XS. 

There are sooo many more pieces to this collection. I absolutely love this one. I wasn't a fan of the last Shops collection that Target put out, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but oh does this collection have my wallet weeping! Did you get any of these pieces or are you planning on getting any? Would love to know what you think!


  1. The tweed dress is in good supply on clearance at the Targets I've been in lately. I rebought and returned my original.

  2. Hello. Regarding the Black Jacquard dress, if you're between 4-6 in dresses, what is the waistline on the size 2? Thanks. Planning to buy this but don't want to deal with returning.