Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Want to Come to the Makeup Show With Me?

Sometimes being a blogger pays off in a big way. Who knew a simple lunch meeting some other polish addicts would one day turn into a Beauty Collaborative between some of the best Central FL beauty and polish bloggers! Thanks to our joining forces together and some hard work (Specifically Brittany of Clumps of Mascara who put this opportunity together for us), we have been invited to The Makeup Show in Orlando. This is the first time The Makeup Show is coming to Orlando. It is a big industry must attend event for anyone who is a makeup artist, hair stylist, face/body painter, photographer, model, stylist, beauty, fashion or hair students, and anyone else in the beauty or fashion industry. The goal is for continued education and the opportunity to meet some of the top makeup artists, stylists and brand founders and representatives. There is also opportunity to purchase some amazing makeup at a deeply discounted price. It is an industry only event. I am honored to be able to attend and bring you all a first hand look at what I learn. I am most looking forward to the opportunity to check out and meet with Makeup Forever, OCC and Inglot.

L to Right: Alyssa from Pretty Little Bottles, Safia Makeup Artist and founder of Lipstick Mixtapes, Kimberly from Libby's Pink Vanity, Courtney from Phyrra and me(Check out those shiny leggings!) 

Last night I was invited to dinner along with my fellow Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida and meet celebrity makeup artists James Vincent and Orlando Santiago. If you are not in the industry, you may not know who these men are. I admit, until recently I did not know them either. I have heard of James from a friend before, but I guess as an amateur makeup enthusiast, I wasn't really in the know. Thanks to this blog and Cult Nails, I am learning more and more about the industry and the amazing people in it.
With Su Laing, Founder of Chronicle Stones and Nail Veils

James Vincent is not just a celebrity makeup artist, he is also the Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show. I left dinner last night wanting to be a Makeup Artist, that is how inspiring he was. He has a list of accolades that you can read about on his website. (Be warned it plays music, so turn down your volume if you're not into that.) He spoke so highly of the community of artists he has had the pleasure to work with, and I loved hearing that there is no room for negativity or rudeness in his life. It is a philosophy I believe in and to hear it echoed by someone so entrenched in the industry is great to hear.  He was so open about his passion. You can't help but be impressed and inspired upon meeting such a legend. He is also very humble and funny. What is not to love!
With James Vincent

Orlando Santiago, makeup artist extraordinaire, firmly believes in continued education for makeup artists and from what I understand is the master when it comes to contouring with makeup. He splits his time between NYC and FL and will be holding some education sessions during The Makeup Show. I want to attend his contouring class so bad! According to James, Orlando is the one to go to for education.

With Orlando Santiago
I had a great time last night and can't wait to see them both again on Sunday at The Makeup Show. And if you are in the Orlando area, you too have a chance to meet these amazing men and attend The Makeup Show! For the 1st time ever, since it is The Makeup Shows 1st time in Orlando, they are going to allow industry outsiders to attend the show on ONE CONDITION! You must buy your ticket in advance online AND for your credentials, where it asks how you heard of the event click "OTHER" and you must state your are a follower of one of the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida and list which blog. So you can put Cult Nails down and you are in! The show will be this Sunday November One day admission is $35 and both days is $50. If that isn't enough, every one who purchases a ticket to attend the show and puts one of the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida as how they heard about the show will be entered to win a Makeup Show Gift Bag with a selective set from The Makeup Show limited edition brush line! I am so excited that I can share this event with you guys and hope to see some of you there! If you buy a ticket to attend, please make sure to let me know so we can try to meet up too! Hope to see you there, but if not, I will be live Instagraming and Tweeting from the show, so you can feel like you're there! 
With Safia Pullman, Makeup Artist and founder of Lipstick Mixtapes
*A special thank you to Courtney of Phyrra for all the photos. Her new Samsung note 2 has me swooning with it's picture capabilities! you can check out her review of the phone here.


  1. So much awesome in one room! I had such a great time last night with you all.

  2. I am all signed up ... I was dying for an opportunity to check this out!