Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Budget Update

So far so good on the budget. Well sort of. It is all I can think of while I am violently assaulted by sale texts and emails! OMG did every one of my favorite stores and brands hear about my new budget and decide to tempt me with amazing sales? Where were these sales when I wasn't budget planning? 

Just some of the mail and text sale offers. You don't even want to know how many more and emails I received!

But staying strong. Well sort of. There was the dress fun, that so many of you got into on FB! That made my night to see everyone weighing in! LOVE IT! In the end we decided that the Bow and Drape dresses would not count against my budget since it is technically a donation with a gift of dresses, and since I am getting dresses for Cult Nails events even though there would be a cost difference, since this whole thing was supposed to happen before the budget and it is for work only events, we made an exception. Yikes, one week in and already with exceptions! But besides the NM/Target fun there are no more exceptions. I did build in the NM/Target as an exception from the start and I am planning on buying one item and one item only. But it actually may end up going in the budget after all. Let's see.

If you haven't been following on FB and all that made no sense to you, real quick recap here: I donated to Bow and Drape via Kickstarter since I really believe in the business they are trying to build. I want to see them succeed. As a gift for donating I received a credit to their store once it launched and so of course I went to work on spending my credit as I have a Cult Nails event in November and one of the dresses will be perfect for it! I was deciding between 4 dresses and the varying additional costs or loss associated with each. If you are in the market for a new dress and they are in your budget, I urge you to support this small independent company who wants to bring the business of clothes making back to the U.S.

As for the dresses, it turns out that the peplum is a removable belt! What? Whoa - now that makes all the difference in the world! So I ordered the one with the peplum, so it's like getting two dresses in one! SWEET!

I also ordered the long sleeve mini dress, which I think will be perfect for the November event. I can't wait to receive the dresses, but it will be mid November before I see them. Since each dress is custom made upon order. So it's not like when you normally order something and it arrives a few days later.
 Now I get to anxiously await my dresses! WAHOO!

So now on to the real budget. $150 a month. So roughly $37.50 each week. I'm thinking I should have made the budget $50 each week, but I'm going to try to make this work and then if it just isn't going to work, then I will re-assess.

First purchase was two bottles of L'Oreal Ever Creme Cleansing Conditioner. It is a Sulfate Free hair cleaning and conditioner in one. I have never tried it before, but CVS had beauty bucks buy 2 get a $5 CVS Buck. Well I was pretty sure there was a coupon sitting in my house for L'Oreal hair care, but frankly my hair was dirty, and I was out of shampoo. I need to plan better next time. On top of that I bought 2 of a shampoo I never tried. So scared it would suck! I did a Insta Review on Instagram. (Is that even a thing? Who knows but I like the Insta Reviews, so I think I will do more.) Basically what it boiled down to is that Sulfate Free is better for your hair and also suds free. I was not a fan of the suds free wash. I always think of myself as a person open to change, but here I found myself thinking, I want suds damn it! But I bought it, so I needed to give it a go. So even though it felt like I was washing my hair with oily conditioner and I already have an oily scalp, I pushed forward and washed my hair with it. It smells amazing! I think it is hands down my favorite smelling hair care product in a long time. It is kind of coconuty but not really. Maybe like a hint of coconut? I can't really place the smell, it is warm and inviting and kind of sexy. It lingers well but it isn't perfumey or strong. I just absolutely love it. (Coco on the other hand who has hair down to her waist decided she was not a fan of the smell because she likes fruity girly smells and would not go with a shampoo that offered no suds, so she gave up mid shampoo and grabbed her Herbal Essence and re-washed her hair.) Once I finished washing my hair, I blow dried it and it came out amazing. I have had nothing but good hair days with little to no product on SHORT HAIR since! I'm sold! I will use up my to bottles. Budget impact: $14.82 and I scored $5 in CVS bucks for a later purchase.
The next purchase was two sports bras at Old Navy. I have been needing some new sports bras, and I was in Old Navy picking up flip flops for the girls and they had them on sale for 2 or more for $10 each. I had a 20% off text coupon, but the local Old Navy FB page had a 30% off sale that I missed by a day, but they gave it to me! When does that ever happen at Old Navy? I was seriously stoked she gave it to me! So with tax the budget impact was $14.84

The last item I bought was a NYX lipstick. I have a few NYX items and I LOVE them all. The price is amazing on their products and the ones I have tried are as good as high end makeup I have purchased. My only issue with NYX is that everyone else seems to know this too and there is hardly a good stock at my ULTA whenever I go. I had to go to ULTA to pick up some makeup and polishes for a Cultie in Singapore and was checking out the NYX display and sure enough the choices were seriously limited due to sell out. The ULTA rep did tell me they were expecting a restock in that afternoon, unfortunately it wasn't my local ULTA, so I wouldn't be able to go back. :( That meant no NYX for my Singapore friend since they really only had a good selection of lip products and she's not a fan of lip products. Anyway, I have been wanting to try the burgundy lip trend, but a bit lighter. I'm not quite ready to go back to the dark lips I loved so much as a teenager in the 90's. (Revlon Black Cherry anyone?) I found NYX Violet Ray, which I will be posting an Insta Review on soon. I had an Ulta coupon for 20% off my purchase, so my budget impact was $2.87!! Seriously! 

Total spend for week one was: $32.53! Talk about cutting it close! That means I came in $4.97 under budget for the week. Which means I get $4.97 more for next week! LOL! 

As I sat here typing this post I received two more text sale alerts. Man they really want me to go shopping! I am staying strong, I will not break! But it could be because purchases I made online prior to doing this are arriving this week. So it's still like getting new stuff. What will happen now? On to week 2. Wish me luck!


  1. Oh, I hear ya! Budgeting is so hard! I'm always tempted by all the pretties, just yesterday I picked up and put down again the same nail polish FIVE TIMES before finally succeeding in talking myself out of it... though I might go back for it in the end. Waiting to see if there's a coupon for it this Sunday though!

    But yeah, sulfate free shampoo is awesome! I'm allergic to sulfates so for me it's a necessity if I don't want dandruff and acne. :/
    If you really feel daring sometime, try washing your hair with baking soda and diluted lemon juice... ;)

  2. Who were the winners of all of the Cultober Contests?!?!?!?!? :)