Friday, November 2, 2012

And the Winner of the Cultoberfest Blog Giveaway is...

We have picked the winners! WAHOO! Sorry I didn't post the winners yesterday, but the day got away from me!

The winner of $100 worth of Cult Nails polishes is Laura! There was no last name given, but I am emailing her, so if your name is Laura and your email has the word angel in it, check your email!!

The winner of $50 worth of Cult Nails polishes is Chanett Klaussen! Check your email!

Congrats to our two winners and that closes out our Cultoberfest! It has been a crazy month of giveaways and wasn't always easy keeping up with it. But it was so much fun! Each time I packed a box up for a winner was just so cool! I hope you all enjoyed Cultoberfest as much as I did! Thank you everyone for participating!


  1. Congratulations everyone who won! I won your giveaway already once, so I know how fun it is!I really didn't think lightning would strike twice LOL Remember me ? Did you get my emails? : )

    Happy Friday !

  2. It was a fun month! Congratulations to all the winners!

  3. Thanks for all of the fun!...a ton of good looks to you at the Show, enjoy it! You so deserve to be there,....and less is better sometimes, people dont want all those balloons and things in their faces at the make up show, keep it simple and let your polishes sell them selves like they always do, you will do wonderful, congratulations for getting in on it, Id love to go one day.......Congrats to the winners, Can you post theirs so we can see?...Have a great night Culties!

  4. Congrats to everyone who won the giveaway! My heart jumped a little bit because my username was Laura, but my email doesn't have the word angel in it. :( oh well, thanks for the giveaway! :)