Friday, November 16, 2012

Budget Friday

First I have to say you guys are the funniest, coolest, smartest people out there. I know I say this all the time, but I absolutely LOVE reading the comments on your orders. I get everything from hello's, to trivia, to jokes, to real special instructions! And Claudia, if you're reading this - when Coco read your comment, she went "Hey it's Claudia from NY!" smiling with pride because she knows you! So cool! (Because I actually was like "aw it's Claudia! I love her!" when I read it.) Anyway sorry for the Claudia segway, but she is amazing! She is the brains behind Chromatic Misadventures and I swear when I met her it was like meeting a long lost best friend. We instantly clicked. So when we went to NYC in July she spent the day with my fam and John's parents. Amazing to think we met through blogging!

Anyway, back to what I was talking about! Ha!  I actually got a lot of comments on budgets with this collection. Hey as you read last week, we all need a budget exception once in a while right?! LOL! For those of you who budgeted for the collection, teach me your secrets! For those of you who broke your budget, welcome to the club! I have a built in exception coming up for the Target/Neiman Marcus collection coming out in a few weeks, so I hear ya! But is it really an exception if I am planning for it? Hmmm more of a budget bump for that week, right?

This week I kicked my budget's ass! WAHOO! I needed hairspray, but other than that, I mostly didn't need or want anything. Although I need some makeup wipes now.

I almost made it the entire week just spending $3.50 on hairspray! (Tresseme #4 Firm Hold for anyone that cares.) But then a little surprise popped in there! Isn't there always something? I belong to a Target Collab group - You know me and fashion! We all pretty much help each other out in trying stuff on, so you get to see it on different body types and help each other track down wanted items, especially when they go on clearance.

I have this dress from Target and I love it! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I keep trying to make up excuses to wear it, and unfortunately so far I have only found one so far. But no worries, there will be more!

Well Target also has a solid blue and black trim one? So pretty! I had trouble deciding between the bright flowers or the blue one. Once I decided on the floral one, I had no intention of picking up the blue, but someone in the group found the blue one on super clearance. I mean SUPER clearance! Including shipping to me it was $15.32! So of course I had to grab it, she found it in my size and on super clearance, how could I refuse? Both dresses are actually on clearance on the Target site too for $34.98 right now.  So even with that, I got an AWESOME deal! I can't wait to get it!

So I ended the week with a fab dress and some hairspray and I didn't even spend $20! WAHOO! Success! Although I really was excited to have only spent $3.50 until this last minute pop up.  But overall budget of $37.50 for the week and I spent $18.82. Not too shabby! I hope I have more weeks like this!

Has anyone else made a budget with me? How is yours going?

In other news, our Behind Closed Doors Collection is our best selling collection yet! WOW! I am beyond floored by the support and success. I think those who ordered are going to love this collection as much as I do! I have been waiting to release this one for months, it is hands down my favorite (besides Coco's) of the year! With that being said, please have some patience while I continue to get polishes ready for shipping and get orders out. It is going to take us a little longer than our normal quick shipping, but rest assured, we are working on processing all orders! The down side is my kids have more dentist appts today (Yay braces!) and a friend is having her Birthday party tonight, so my work day is littered with must do things, but I will work between it all and again tomorrow. I am determined to be fully caught up quickly for you guys while balancing my family life and friends all at the same time! Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


  1. Too bad I don't still work at Target. I probably could have stashed one aside for you till they hit rock bottom. I used to stalk their clearance until I could find everything I wanted 75% off. I got a nice teal rain jacket for like, $10. I love target clearance racks.

  2. I kept telling myself I wasn't going to get this collection...there were only two that I "REALLY" wanted - Bitten and Coveted, but then I started seeing swatches of the collection throughout the blogosphere and decided it would be better to get the entire collection. I wrestled with myself up until the 11 o'clock hour last night and finally took the plunge. It wasn't in my budget...but I made room for it. LOL I will be starting a strict budget after the holidays.