Friday, November 9, 2012

Every Budget Has Exceptions

I didn't post a budget update last week since I was telling you all about The Makeup Show, so I have two weeks to catch up on.

Week 2: Oct 26 - Nov 1

This week wasn't too bad, but I did go over. :( It started out well enough. I got my Buried Bauble email from Bauble Bar. If you aren't familiar, Bauble Bar is an accessory website. They have awesome accessories and decent prices for most items. Too add to the temptation, most Tuesdays they do a Buried Platinum Bauble which is where they mark down 1 item that retails for about $40 - $50 down to $20 for the day and on Friday's they do the Buried Bauble where they mark down an item that retails for $24 - $28 down to $10. I typically buy the Buried Bauble's only, but once in a great while I may pick something else up along the way. On Friday Oct 27th, the Buried Bauble came out and they had some pretty cool earrings to choose from, so I picked ones I thought would be versatile for $10.

The earrings I chose from the Buried Bauble
Shipping is free, so it makes it an even sweeter deal.(How do they do that?) If you aren't a member of Bauble Bar you can sign up under another person (like me), you get $10 your first purchase and then I get money to spend on the site too. Unfortunately you can't use your $10 on a Buried Bauble. :( But it's the best way to get a discount on your 1st purchase. If you want to sign up and haven't you can sign up here:

So $10 down and the budget week just started. Oh no! Then Wed happened. The girls had a 1/2 day off school. I use the 1/2 days to take one of the girls out of school for the day if they are getting A's & B's and we do a mother/daughter day. I take them to the Mall to update their wardrobe, we do lunch, just have a chill day. It was Coco's turn. Things were going well. We went to the outlets and Coco grabbed a few things for herself. I stayed strong in Forever 21, especially in the accessory section, which clearly we have already discovered is one of my many weaknesses. We left the outlets and I hadn't spent a dime out of my remaining budget! Who rocks? I do!

Then we went to the FL Mall and while we are sitting there eating lunch and I'm feeling quite proud of myself I get a text from Express with a coupon $30 off $75. Um are they watching me? Did they know I was in the Mall? Darn them. I succumbed and walked into Express. I left with 2 shirts and a pair of earrings for $47.80.

The down side, I got home to find out the T-Shirt had a hole in it! So frustrated by this crap. This is the 2nd shirt in a few months that has a tiny hole in it that I only notice after I get home. The holes are so small & I check out what I am buying before I leave, but somehow I missed it. I shouldn't have to check a shirt I buy to make sure it is hole free before buying it. Not to mention that Express is an hour away, so now it has to wait until I am back that way to return it. Maybe that is my sign that I shouldn't have bought anything. Grrr.

So the budget for the week was $37.50 and I spent $57.80. $20.30 over budget. The week before I came in $4 something under budget so technically I am about $15 in the budget hole.

Week 3 - Nov 2 - 8

This week can be known as the Week of Exceptions! First up was The Makeup Show. I knew before planning the budget that this would be a big spend weekend. We are talking getting 30 - 60% off or more on some of your favorite makeup brands. I knew going in I would spend about $150. And boy did I! Yup it was one of those cringe worthy weekends! Imagine buying yourself makeup and what you spend and now multiply that by 4 because you have 3 teenage daughters! UGH!

My goal was to buy a few more shadow brushes. I find that there are times when I am doing my makeup and then the kids come in and want me to do theirs, or friends come over and want me to do theirs. Well if I am doing a complex eye, I can use about 3 brushes for one look. Add the need to clean the brushes in between uses/colors, you really need to have about 2 sets. For me that seems to be 3 sets. I had 1. Crown Brush was there so I used the opportunity to stock up on some decent brushes for $2-4 a piece. I grabbed 8 brushes and an 88 color shadow palette for a total of $32. The shadow palette is similar to those that Coastal Scents carries with a variety of bright colors. I don't use bright shadow often, so this is just a great palette to have all the colors in one place when I do want to break out a bright look. I was hoping there would be something like this at the show.

I then went and added a few more brushes. James Vincent had some brushes for the Makeup Show specifically. One is a mini fan brush which he likes to use to apply mascara with. I was curious. Applying mascara with a fan brush? really? YUP REALLY! Not for everyday, but I will definitely go with this way for special occasions. (I'll do a review showing the difference soon.) His set was $26 for 4 brushes. This was not a planned purchase. Oh the dangers lurking about the makeup show!

Outside of that, I wanted to snag some Makeup Forever shadow colors, Smashbox eyeliner and glosses and maybe O-glow, Inglot shadows and OCC lip tar. Not all these, but maybe one or two from the list. The problem was that I planned on creating a wishlist with retail pricing before the show. So I could go in with a plan. Since we ended up having a booth at the last minute, I didn't have time to do this. As I looked at the booths with my limited time, I felt overwhelmed knowing I didn't really have time to shop and of course those booths were busy, so I passed on all of the above.

But to my surprise Stila was there. I love Stila! How did I not know they would be there?! I knew I had to grab a Smudge Stick in black. I already had a green, purple and grey one, so it was time for the black! I grabbed one for $10! 1/2 off! WAHOO! I meant to buy a smudge pot too and forgot. Darn it! While there I saw a small case loaded with $450 of Stila's best sellers. They sell it for $250 and for the show it was $150! Aw man! I wanted that so bad! It had a smudge stick, which a back up of the one I just bought would be nice, I love the custom color blush, the cream blush and lip paint. Their glosses are always great items to keep in the purse, I was interested in their BB Cream, and their smudge shadows, so it was definitely something worth getting at the right price! I told Juan if that goes for $100 or less it is mine! MINE!!!

So Smudgestick in hand I went back to work, and then I went over to the AJ Crimson booth. They had offered bloggers a free sample of AJ's not yet released cream foundation and they had already given us a small sample of their Kissable Couture lip gloss. I tried the lipgloss in the morning and knew I had to get another. So while there I got matched and turns out the free foundation sample was a full size! WOW! I ended up buying 2 glosses. Tyler and Fantasy. Tyler is a purple color that I am IN LOVE with and Fantasy is a red that I am dying to try but admittedly a bit scared. The Kissable Couture lip glosses retail for $20 and I got both for $20. I'm not sure how much the foundation will retail for, I need to email them for more info so I can do a review for you guys. But after seeing AJ do a demo using a few shades of the foundation for perfectly flawless photo ready skin and after seeing all my pictures from the show with me looking makeup less and tired, I was sold and bought one more color for $20.

So now I spent a total of $108. Put a fork in me - I'm done! No more spending! THEN it happened! Stila Man walked around with the kit for $100 in the last hour of the last day of the show! I'm not proud, but I am happy! I snagged a pic and the kit! they let me swap out the shadow palette for the one I wanted and between the girls and I we split up the items in the kit. So technically I didn't spend all $100 on me, since they are on a different budget, but still. Ramen noodles for dinner anyone?

In case you missed him both times I posted him! LOL
So even though this was a planned exception, even then I went over my planned $150! Darn it! It was Stila's fault! (I really should figure out how much of that is the kid's. HA!)

Then I found out about Narciso Rodriquez for Kohl's. WHY? Why did I have to find out about this now? But then, my daughter's friend gave me the money for a weekend cruise we are taking in January. (Cruises are so rediculously cheap out of FL if you are a resident. It's crazy! Not only that you don't have to pay for cruises all at once. if you plan early, you put a deposit down of 20% or $100 which ever is more and then pay over the course of time as long as it's paid 2 months before you sail. So it is like vacation lay-a-way. Perfect for those on a tight budget. I didn't know this til we moved to FL, so I am sharing the knowledge.) Anyway I already paid for my daughter's friend to come with us, and she was paying me back. So here I had a check for $200 and it was already "spent" so I spent $86 on the Narciso Rodriquez for Kohl's sale and put the rest in the bank.  So does that count against my budget? I didn't count it against it. But I probably should have. But I didn't. (You can see my post on this collection here.)

On the upside I didn't spend my $37.50 for the week! OK that is not an upside with all the spending. But let's see, I planned on $150 for the Makeup Show, plus $37.50 for the week and the check for $203 that I already spent. So that's $390.50 "available" and I spent a total $294. (Ugh can we not focus on the total! I think I just threw up a little.) But I added $96.50 to my account still. But see that $203 was going towards spending money on the cruise, so now I have effectively impacted my cruise budget. No bueno! Who spends that kind of money in a week? I am kind of ashamed. But I will make myself feel better knowing with all that I still spent less all week than one friend spent on one item at the show. (Although it is a drool worthy item!)

With that being said it is a new week with no planned exceptions, so time to get back to reality. Although that reality is probably that I not spend my $37.50 at all. Right? I got this!

I have to say putting my spending out there like this is very nerve wracking. I spent in a week more than what I used to get paid in two weeks 10 years ago! I have friends who work their asses off to make that in a week to live and I spent that on makeup and clothes. It's kind of disgusting. Granted I don't make a regular habit of that, nor a rare habit for that matter. But yuck. It really puts it into perspective when you put it all out there!


  1. It is good to put it out there! I have been bad this week too...I also love BaubleBar and cannot resist! I have that exact Crown Brush shadow set and I use it every day, so many looks you can get from one palette...surely it is a money saver in the long run!

  2. I hadn't spent any money on polish since your last sale until today! When I went shopping last weekend I used only giftcards so the only money I've spent in the last couple weeks is well, you and I are the only ones that need to know ;)

  3. Yeah it's tough but already keeping track of your budget this way really puts things in perspective. Good luck next week <3

  4. Yeah it's tough but already keeping track of your budget this way really puts things in perspective. Good luck next week <3

  5. Yeah it's tough but already keeping track of your budget this way really puts things in perspective. Good luck next week <3