Thursday, November 8, 2012

Narciso Rodriquez for Kohl's

Yesterday the Narciso Rodriquez for Kohl's collection was quietly launched. This has to be the least hyped up collaboration to date. I mean I try to stay in the know of these collaborations and I almost missed this one! I literally found out about it last week! Usually collaborations are hyped up for months prior to the collection releasing. Prabal Gurung for Target in Feb is already in my calendar! Not sure what happened with this one, was it me hiding under a rock? Or did Kohl's miss the advertising on this one?

Narciso Rodriquez is an American designer based out of New York, who was the designer of Carolyn Bessett's wedding dress and Michelle Obama chose to wear one of his dresses in 2009 to celebrate Barack's presidential victory. For me Narciso is the designer of an amazing ready to wear collection that I could never afford. I love his clean lines, and modern yet classic take on fashion. So when I heard a collection was coming to Kohl's I was very excited.

Unfortunately all the items I just HAD to try on were not available at my local Kohl's. I mean not one item! But they did have a great selection, so I just grabbed one of almost everything to try one. Judy from Beauty Judy got to see the madness of me grabbing each item to try them all on. I think she was a bit more reserved (read: normal) and only selected a handful of items to try on. A friend of mine came with us and tried on several items as well and she took almost all the photos for me and while they looked good on my slowly dying phone's screen, when I got home and downloaded them more than half were blurry. Grrr. I really am going to throw this phone at a wall soon! (The problem is that everything looks a little blurry on my screen right now, but usually once I download them, they look perfectly fine, my screen is just weird right now so I never know 100% anymore.) So here are the salvageable pics we took last night.

This dress looked fab on everyone! I think Judy went home with this one. For me here in FL, a long sleeved dress makes it only wearable on the coldest of days, so both my friend and I passed on this one. 

I LOVED this dress. Everything about it is amazing, I may need to wear Spanx to even everything out underneath, but this dress is worth it! (I always wear form wear under any fitted dress.) But I have many dresses and so this one was left behind. :(

Same dress, different color. Ironically wasn't liking this color as much on me.

Did I mention the amazing zipper in the back. You can zip it up or down. HOTNESS! Oh I so want the green one!

Judy is trying on the leggings and top. Both were too big on her, but all three of us LOVED the leggings. They didn't photograph well at all. They are dark grey with a tuxedo stripe in black down the side. The ponte material is thick and  disguises any perceived flaws. As for the shirt - the shape was great, the design on the shirt - meh. Although in person I thought it was fab until I saw the pics later.

Ha! Ha! I'm in the middle of speaking here.  I did not think this would work for me. While I may not have the biggest chest, I have a decent size chest and I did not see it fitting in the small red chest area of this dress. Once I put it on however, I fell in love! This dress while not all red, is the perfect Cult Nails event dress! I can wear it with or without a jacket. I can wear tights or bare legs, heels or boots or even slim lined booties. Many options here. I had a tough time deciding between the green dress above and this one. I chose this one.

I liked absolutely nothing about this dress - This is the loser of the collection. It screamed CHEAP to me. I am not a fan of ruching to begin with. It seems like the designer took the easy way out of actually fitting a piece. Then the material was this thin cheap spandex type of material that showed EVERY single bump. But even if it didn't, the material is just blah to me. I couldn't wait to get this one off! You can't win them all.
A close up of the leggings. These were so thick and warm and dresses up the legging quite a bit. I ended up buying these, but I have nothing to wear with them, so I think these are going back. If I have to buy a shirt to go with them, they do not fit the budget. But I really don't want to return them! What to do?

I really liked this top. It would look cute with jeans or pants or a skirt. But I didn't love it or like it enough to buy it. If I was still working in an office, I probably would have got this one. But since I'm all alone at work most days, there really is no need for this one. 

This dress is so beautiful, but it isn't my style, so my friend tried it on. OMG - AMAZING on her! Isn't it funny how we all migrate towards different fashion and know what works with our own personality as well as body? I thought this one was a must have for my friend, but she picked a different one. You'll see her choice below.

WOW! When Judy came out in this dress, I was like hubba! hubba! This dress is so hot on her! She felt it was a bit too low cut for work, so she passed on this one. I think she needs to go back and get it!  Plus if she gets it and I get it, we can be dress twinsies from far away. LOL So everyone get on her Instagram and find the pic she posted wearing this and tell her to buy it! Seriously!

Not the best photo. Darn it. This shirt has a removable cami underneath. I hate the whole shirt within a shirt thing, it always becomes a tangled mess. Well Narciso & Kohl's thought about that. The outer shirt has a small thread and button that holds the cami in place but allows you to put them on separately. This is a small detail that makes a huge difference. As for the pants, these are amazing. They have a shiny tuxedo stripe down the side, but still stay work appropriate. They are not skinny nor are they a typical trouser. They are almost a skinny slouchy look. These can be dressed up for work or for a night out. I thought I would be indifferent about a pair of black slacks, but I have been obsessed with this fit lately, so I was so happy with the fit. I wanted to buy 3 pairs! 

This pic is a bit blurry, but too funny not to share. I gave this shirt 2 thumbs down! LOL! It is a very straight fit. It fit perfect on the shoulders, tight around the chest, loose around the waist and then super tight at the hips, I couldn't get it any lower on the hips. This shirt is not made for any type of curve. If you have a slender straight body, this shirt will probably be great for you. Not so much on someone with curves.

Beautiful idea on the pencil skirt. BUT the material was thin and the skirt is also made for someone with a totally straight figure. In the picture below you can kind of see the gap around the waist. In person that gap was HUGE! I easily could have taken 4 inches off the waist of this skirt. yet in the photo above you can see it does not fit around my bum. It is seriously pulling and I can't get it lower. If I sized up the bum fit, but the waist was enormous! The thin material showed cellulite I didn't know I had! Spanx anyone? But if you have a little booty, this will probably look great on you. For the curvy girl, this is a miss.
You can see just how thin the material is by the tucked in shirt showing everywhere! Yuck! This would be better if it has a lining.

There were 3 jackets at our local Kohl's you can see one hanging on the left. I tried both on, but the pics came out super blurry. Neither was anything great though, so no big loss. Well I lie, the one on the left is cute, but I already have a similar tweed style jacket. I bought mine 13 years ago! So if you don't have one like it, I highly suggest checking it out, since it is a timeless jacket that always finds its way back in style. I digress, I am wearing the fuchsia trench here. The material of this trench was a bit on the thick side, but in a good way. Not overly thick, but enough to keep you a little warm in a cold rain. It is actually the perfect winter coat for FL. But I have plenty of jackets and regardless of how perfect it is, it stayed at Kohl's. 

I am not a fan of this dress on me at all. On the hanger it had so much promise. But in reality you need to have no chest or a large chest to pull it off. My in between chest did not work for this dress. I came out of the dressing room and my friend said "Oh no! Take it off!" It just did nothing for my shape. I think a taller person would probably look stunning in this (I'm 5'3").

I really wanted to love this shirt. But I'm not really into shirts that tie around the waist. Why do designers think we want shirts that tie around the waist? I hate it! But it looked so pretty on the hanger. In reality it is sheer so you'd have to wear a tank underneath it, which would only add bulk to the already bulky flared bottom. Not a fan. I'm wearing it with the dark grey leggings shown above. Isn't it crazy how they look black here?

Remember when I told you that my friend bought a different dress than pictured above? This is the one she bought! The green on her skin tone would have washed her out, but this fuchsia and orange was perfection on her. You can see it is a bit baggy on her, so she had to size down on this dress. But dang she looks good! I think this dress is figure flattering on everyone! We all rocked it, if I do say so myself! You just have to figure out which color suits your skin tone best. This dress made me want to marry Narciso! ha!

OK so these shoes are Simply Vera by Vera Wang. LOVE THEM! I so want them. But alas they are not in the budget. I'll post about the budget tomorrow, but I just had to post these beautiful shoes!
I hope you enjoyed our fitting room fun. There are a lot more items to this collection, but this is what our store had. I hope I can find the other items I wanted to try in different Kohl's stores, but it's probably for the best that I don't. (financially anyway) HA! The good thing is that the collection is 30% off through today and there is a 15% off coupon (use code gratitude) floating around online. It is an in store and online coupon. I didn't have the coupon with me, but they let me use it anyway! WAHOO! If you have a Kohl's card there are 20% and 30% off coupons too. So you can really score some of these items at a steal! You can check out the entire collection on the Kohl's website. I urge you to not assume these will not look good on you. As you can see from the photos above, many of these pieces work for many body types. I always say even if you don't think it will work, keep an open mind and try the clothes on, you may be surprised! What doesn't work on me, may work for you. Overall I give this collection a B+. I think they kept the Kohl's shopper in mind, but Narciso Rodriquez also kept his design aesthetic in mind when making this collection. It seems to be heavily influenced by his Spring 2013 Ready to Wear Collection. I love when a designer can mesh the store customer, price point and their design aesthetics so perfectly. This is a strong collection and had my wallet weeping. This collection is great if you want to stay looking stylish at work or have an event that you want to be a bit dressed up for coming up or even a hot date night. This collab may not be for the teeny bopper or young 20 something if they don't work in a more professional environment. But those of us in our 30's or older who want to stay fashionable without looking like we're trying to be 20, this is right up our alley!


  1. looks like you two have a lot of fun! There's a lot of goodies. Maria you look great in just about anything! Judy looked great in that purple dress with the black belt, I hope she got that one and took it home!

    1. That's actually my friend in the purple dress with the belt. I thought she should have bought that one too, but she picked the fuchsia dress instead.

  2. I'm glad you showed these. Their TV ads have these ridiculously thin women as their models and make it look like only a 6 foot tall skeleton would look good in them.

    1. I haven't even seen a single ad for this! That is crazy! Yeah all the model's are ridiculously thin, I never use the models as a gage. I wish they used a variety of women in different sizes. I'm not saying not to use the models, but aren't there good looking women who look amazing in clothes that aren't all 6 feet and rail thin?

  3. I really liked the shiny black one! You are too cute :]

  4. I want those shoes!

  5. The dress you picked looks like it was made for you!! So pretty! Keep the leggings! They are gorgeous! And a fun and simple twist to them without them being gaudy! You'll come across something that will work with them later on and if you take them back you'll regret it.

  6. I read this post & looked at the pictures. Then I picked up my purse and when straight to Kohl's and bought the white and black dress! It's perfect! I want the green and black dress too, but my store didn't have it. *pout*

    Thank you for sharing, or I wouldn't have known about this either! Kristal

  7. I love love love the teal/black dress and the Cult Nails event dress. I'm thinking I'll have to go this weekend and see if my Kohl's has these (and possibly buy them ;) )