Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sale Update & Other News

Fingers crossed I have Internet today! Yesterday we had no Internet at the office. I came home since I can download invoices and prepare shipping labels from home and then I could head back to the office and pack those orders. But no sooner do I walk in the door, than AT&T assures me it is not an area outage and I needed to head back to the office and wait for a tech. So back I went, figuring I could pack orders in the evening in between Cheer and Tumbling classes for the girls. It might be a little tough, but not undoable! A few hours and phone calls to AT&T later turns out it's an outage! GRRR! I spent my entire day there waiting!

Last night Juan & I ended up focusing on some other Cult Nails items since it turns out our home Internet was also having an issue. That one seems to have been fixed now and I received a call about 30 minutes ago from AT&T letting me know the outage is over. So once I get the kids to school, I'll be working at warp speed to get orders out! So if you placed an order and are waiting patiently, this is why you are waiting. Thought you guys might want to know since normally our shipping is much faster than this! Add the fact that Monday was a Holiday here, so I really feel behind!

I've always been honest with you all, so let's keep it that way and let you know the good news along with the not so good news.

first up, I have some exciting news, we have been picked up by a store in San Marco Jacksonville, FL! WAHOO! The store Reve located in Jacksonville came by our booth at The Makeup Show and now will be carrying our polishes at her store! I am sooo excited and hope to make a trip to her store to see how things are going and to get a picture with my polishes in a retail setting! Super excited! Their website is, but our polishes will be sold in the store only from what I understand. I would love to see our polishes in some more boutiques across the world, so if you know of a good fit, please let us know!
Photo courtesy of Reve in San Marco Jacksonville, FL

Some middle of the road news. We had some of this collection set aside for an event coming up which I can't really discuss yet. As soon as I am given the go ahead, I will definitely let you all know, because it's pretty cool! But that means there is less of this collection to go around. No worries, I think there is still plenty. We never put 100% of the collection on the preview pricing event. We want to make sure that those who only want one bottle have an opportunity without the worry of a sell out. So no need to panic if you didn't order the whole collection during the sale, there will still be polishes available individually starting on Friday. We are however, down to less than 200 of the collection at Preview Pricing left though, so if you do want the entire set at the sale price, now is definitely the time, since the last day of the sale is tomorrow.

As well some of our Limited Edition colors are on the verge of selling out. :( So sad. I didn't realize that it would hurt a little to lose these colors, but I am suffering a little emotional loss. So crazy! Seduction is at less than 200, Living Water is even lower. There are maybe a few others that Juan told me about, but admittedly I was only half listening since I was doing something else at the time.

Let Me Fly is extremely low as well, but that one will be back hopefully in January, so no need to worry about that one! We already have Let Me Fly, Iconic, Quench and I think one other being worked on, so if all goes well those will either be back in January or the current inventory should last us until January. I know Quench already sold out, but if you have your heart set on Let Me Fly or Iconic for the holidays, you may want to act now.

W wicked old pic of Let Me Fly! I can't believe I don't have a newer one! Makes me want to change my mani!

Now for the not so great news. Everyone is asking about a Black Friday Sale. The simple answer is, we are not going to have one. :( BUT we will be adding our new mini files and having a holiday special that will start on Small Business Saturday. (The day after Black Friday or Nov 24th) It's not going to be a sale like we normally have done, but we are looking at making little gift options at special prices. The reason is two fold. One financially with so many colors to re-order and increased costs of making nail polish, we are not in a position as a small business to have a big sale. Truth be told, we have been trying to hold off on a $2 per bottle price increase. We had originally planned on the price increase to be effective Nov 1, 2012. But we are trying to cut corners where we can and do what we can to keep our prices where they are. Unfortunately since we are not a large conglomerate, we have little pull with companies to lower our prices, but that doesn't mean I am giving up. So in lieu of a sale we can't afford, or a price increase nobody wants, my goal is to keep the prices where they are through the end of the year and hope that come January, we can keep things going as is even longer. So stick with us, we'll have fun things coming, just no major sale. :( You all know how much I love a sale, so if I can figure something out, we will do something, I just don't see it happening for Black Friday.

Let me know what you all think. If you come up with a cool sale idea, let us know. We have some ideas going, and you know how much we value your input, so let us know what you would like to see, whether it's a color or any other idea, we are all ears!


  1. This post is why i love the brand so much... you guys really go above and beyond what we expect of you guys and it's so nice to be part of the loop, makes me feel like we're part of the business! I really wish others would take notice of your business model and follow suit! Running a business is very tough and we are all so proud of you and what you've achieved so far!! Long live the Cult!!

  2. yay for Jacksonville, FL- I live here!! San Marco is a way hipster area of town too- hope they sell like hotcakes there.

  3. If the price went up $2 you still couldn't keep me away. The product is high quality and I've paid so much more for a "name" brand bottle of chippy, no-sticky goo. I'm thrilled to read you're trying to keep the price low though, don't get me wrong! I look forward to Friday. I want all the colors except the green one. I would love to see a presale where we could purchase all but on bottle in the new collection and get a bottle of Wicked Fast or Get it On instead. But I totally get why that wouldn't happen. Hurry Friday!!!

  4. And I was so looking forward to a sale on Black Friday too! But this makes way more sense. Maybe you could just do free shipping on Black Friday or something? I really just want clairvoyant anyway, lets be honest! I bought so many of your polishes at the last sale!

  5. Yay! Cult Nails being sold in my neighborhood?! I'll have to go check it out when they're in stock!

  6. great to know you are doing well enough to have a store that will sell the polishes, and that some of them are almost sold out! it smells "sucess" to me.
    about the sale that won't happen, i totally understand your reasons and, to be honest, i can't really say i'm sad, since i already have all cult nails' polishes i want (most of them, yay!). i think almost everybody understands and is glad you run cult nails in such a friendly and transparent way.

  7. I don't want a sale since I always buy the polishes at the prewiew!

  8. Thank you for your honesty. I completely understand no sale (and for selfish reasons I don't mind bc I have most of the colors already). What I was really hoping for though was some more exclusive Black Friday colors. Tied Up is one of my biggest lemmings!

    1. I LOVE the idea of Black Friday exclusive colors in lieu of a sale!! BRILLIANT!

  9. Thank you so much for the news and updates. Its always wonderful toknow what is going on with one of my favorite brands!

  10. Instead of doing a black friday sale have you thought about doing a small business saturday sale instead? Maybe offer a gift pack with your top and base coat and a polish of your choosing for a special price and maybe offer free shipping. Just small suggestions. I know I always wait to order until I have $75 worth of stuff, offering free shipping would probably help some people out. Anywho, I love Cult Nails with or without a sale and love how open and real you are. You really make each person feel like they are part of the brand/cult. You go above and beyond for your customers and it shows. You've got a loyal customer in me forever!

  11. I guess I should have read the entire post instead of just skimming it. I was getting caught up on blog reading just now and read the whole thing and it looks like you already thought of small business saturday! :)

  12. I love how honest you are with your customers. I'm a huge fan of your polishes. I appreciate a sale, but honestly I think anyone who has tried your products will continue to buy with or without a sale. Keep up the good work! :)