Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NYC in December

So I have been a bit MIA in the last few weeks. I've been rather busy at the office, and have had a few Culties come and visit, a few personal things going on and of course my recent trip to NYC. I am finally getting back on track, or at least I hope. I have a few product reviews I am working on that I am excited to bring you. I also am working on our biggest give away yet which will take place next month! So many behind the scene things going on, it has been crazy. I am going to be making some changes to the blog as well. I will post featuring different products I love, some fashion and of course nails, but it may not be in the same format as I have been doing it in the past. It's an ever evolving blog.

NYC was amazing. I was able to see my product at the Refinery 29 Tinseltown event! Afterglow and My Kind of Cool Aid were featured with Glossybox. Such an amazing thing! I have never been to a pop up shop event before. But I see news on them all over the internet all the time. NYC seems the place to be for pop up shops! But I have to say, it was a bit of a zoo. I wasn't sure what to expect or what I was expecting, but it was insane in there! I went a few times since of course my product was in the Glossybox and each time there was a crowd of people. So it seems the event was a success! I hope those who grabbed a Glossybox or one of our polishes, loves them and joins the Cult!

Other than that I had the opportunity to take on a meeting and meet up with a few of my favorite bloggers or people. All in all it was a great visit and I'm already looking forward to my next NYC trip. Here are a few pic highlights of my trip.

Can you see Afterglow in the box? I'm paired with some AMAZING products! 

I absolutely loved Glossybox's set up! The boxes, the items, the table, everything was beautiful! They did an amazing job showcasing out product!

Refinery 29 Tinseltown Pop Up Store

Required Times Square photo

This might look like a crazy photo, but I have this completely irrational fear of escalators. I can't even believe I'm posting this! I mean I can ride on them no problem, I just have to let a few stairs pass me by so I can see the speed and then get on. Each time it is like the 1st time getting on one. I have this weird sensation that I am going to get stuck in the teeth of the stairs and not able to get off, or tumbling down and my hand getting sucked into the bottom. Totally irrational, I know! But when I saw this old wooden one, I had a tiny internal panic attack that I blew off by taking a photo and getting on that dang thing! LOL!

I have seen this photo online before and it was the very 1st thing I pinned on Pinterest. I know it's a Christmas thing, but just the word alone - BELIEVE any time of the year. It speaks to me. I see it and it is like YES! BELIEVE! So to finally see it in person and just to take a moment to take it in, and Believe. So take  moment and Believe in something, anything and will it to happen. Believe in peace on earth, Believe in eternal happiness, Believe in doing amazing at work or school, Believe that your dreams will come true, Believe in yourself, just Believe! 

Coco is the ultimate 1 Directioner. I have never seen an obsession quite like it. She LOVES 1D! So when I saw there was a store dedicated to merchandise for this band only, I had to go in and do a little Christmas shopping!

Some of my favorite girls and I in Rockefeller Center! Judy from BeautyJudy, Courtney from Phyrra.net and Claudia from Chromatic Misadventures. Love these girls! 

The tree at Rockefeller Center. You can't even imagine the crowds. Complete insanity!

Claudia took us to this pizza place that used to be a church. It's called John's Pizza. It's near Rockefeller Center and a must go to if you are in the area. The pizza was as great as the atmosphere! It is a converted church. So it is as close to pizza heaven as you are going to get!  

We discovered Little Italy while we were there. OMG! Where has Little Italy been all my life!?!  I would live here if I could. I had to stop for dessert every night! OK so maybe I would need to live a few miles away so I could walk off the desserts I would constantly want to eat! 

I'm sure by now, you all know my obsession with accessories and my love of Bauble Bar, so I had to go and pick up a few Baubles while I was there! 

There were Santa's everywhere on Saturday. Aparently it was SantaCon 2012. Basically everyone gets totally smashed dressed as Santa. Sound fun? Um not really! You couldn't get in anywhere because so many young people getting trashed were everywhere. I never got into that whole get so trashed you can't walk or talk thing. I just don't get it, but it was a cool sight to see if nothing else. 

I actually spent Saturday night Nowhere. Not a bad place to be to get away from all the crazy Santa's! This is in the East Village and it is a cool little bar. Love the atmosphere here. 

I got to see another one of my favorite people, James Vincent while at Nowhere. Love this man!

I took Courtney to Ellen's Stardust Diner, which is a must see when you are doing the whole touristy thing. The wait staff is comprised of aspiring singers, broadway actors, actors and the like. They sing while they serve you. I tried to get a photo of Courtney with our waiter, but that girl does not put her phone down! That's what happens when two people who blog get together! LOL! 

It was a cold and rainy day on Sunday, look how dark it was at 11AM!

Spent Sunday with Christine who is the daughter of the brand Jesse's Girl and an amazing person! I met her through Jesse's Girl, and not only am I in love with their makeup line, but I gained a friend! Win, Win! She is the sweetest girl, funny and introduced me to the world of Tokidoki Blind Boxes. uh oh! 

With Claudia and Courtney. Look how tall I look! (I was only wearing 4 inch heels!)


  1. seeing this post makes me realize just how much I take NYC for granted :( I haven't done most of these things and I'm in NYC every day...what a waste. I'm so glad you enjoyed the weekend!! So sad I couldn't stay for Nowhere haha

  2. I have a great fear of Escalators too!!! I do the same thing as you, let a few go by then step on, lol. I just visited NYC in June 2012 and had a great time...LOVE it and want to go back!!! Thanks for sharing your pics!!! Carrie B from Beautybuzzwcarrieb!!!