Friday, January 4, 2013

Cult Nails 2012 Beauty Favorites

I discovered a lot of new beauty items in 2012 (or at least new to me) and there have been a handful that I continue to reach for just about every day. So I figured why not do a post on my favorite beauty products of 2012.

Favorite Foundation - MAC Face & Body Foundation

Mac Cosmetics Face & Body Foundation - $27
As many of you know in July I went out to Vegas for CosmoProf. While there I discovered MAC Cosmetics Face & Body Foundation. I used to wear Tinted Moisturizer since I really don't need much coverage. Tinted Moisturizer worked just great, but didn't have lasting power or special ingredients for my skins needs, which meant I still needed to use a specialty moisturizer too. This was before the magic of BB creams here in the states. Can you believe BB Creams have only been around in the last year here! Enter MAC Cosmetics Face & body Foundation. I admittedly was not a big MAC girl. The makeup is just a bit to on the pricey side for my taste. But while in Vegas, I wanted to go by and get some lashes and eyes did and ended up getting my whole face done. The MUA used this on me and it was LOVE at first sight! My skin looked smooth, glowy and my actual skin showed through. It provided a moisturizing benefit since it is water based and set perfectly even with a moisturizer underneath. When I saw my face still looked flawless at 2AM in July Vegas Humidity, I immediately ordered a bottle right from my cell phone. (Yes at 2AM!) I have been loyal ever since. (And have added a few more MAC products to my beauty arsenal too!)

Favorite Loose Powder - Cara Cosmetics Loose Powder

Cara Cosmetics Loose Powder - $32
I discovered Cara Cosmetics at a local spa. It is a local FL based brand, which I wasn't aware of at the time. I was looking for a loose powder similar to Bare Minerals without the Mica since it tends to irritate my skin. Plus I tend to use it as a setting powder anyway, so didn't want something so full coverage. Cara Cosmetics Loose Powder is a fine and lightweight powder. I don't feel like I'm adding anything to my skin and it doesn't settle into any lines. I sometimes add Makeup Forever's HD Powder into Cara's and use the two together. But only if I know my pics will be taken. I don't like using the HD powder alone since it can cast a white light in photos and since I don't use that daily, it is still a must have in my makeup arsenal.

Favorite Cream Blush - Josie Maran Argon Color Stick in Love

Josie Maran Color Stick - $22
Josie Maran Argon Color Stick is described as an argon oil infused color stick that provides lasting natural looking color to cheeks and lips. I am not a cream blush fan. Or at least I wasn't. And admittedly this is a new favorite from December. I received mine as one of the items in the Refinery 29 Tinseltown Glossybox. Since I received it, I thought I would give it a go. OMG! HOOKED! I can't even tell you! I love how it looks like my cheeks just have the perfect flush to them! It is perfect! I just swipe it across my cheeks and then use my stippling brush to blend it in and viola - perfect cheeks! The downside is that I can't find this color anywhere, so I'm not sure if it was a special color or discontinued or what. :( So when it runs out, I will have to go try out a different color, since I love it so! It can also be used on the lips, but the color is off for my lips, so I just use it on my cheeks. 

Favorite Powder Blush - Stila Custom Color Blush in Pink

Stila Custom Color Blush - Pink - $20
Before I discovered the Color Stick, I was obsessed with Stila's Custom Color Blush in Pink. This blush supposedly reacts to your skins PH for a custom color perfect for you. I absolutely love the perfect flushed look I get. I used this alone before finding the color stick, now sometimes I just dust a bit on over the color stick to amp up my look. It is also compact and easy to take with me on the go, so I have a spare in my makeup bag. Plus I just love the hot pink color it appears to be in it's compact! It makes me smile every time I see it. Corny I know, but it makes me happy! 

Favorite Eye Shadow Palette - Urban Decay Naked
Urban Decay Naked Palette - $50
OK, does it really surprise anyone that Urban Decay Naked topped my list? This is the perfect palette to have on hand for everyone. It provides you the ability to do multiple eye looks from a light daytime look to an intense smokey eye. You can use it with other shadows for a colorful look. It's long lasting and the deeply pigmented. A little goes a long way. And if you aren't already hooked on the eye shadow primer, it gives you a perfect chance to try it out. And out of 4 girls in my house, all 4 have and love this one! (I loved mine enough to not want to share, so bought one for each of my girls. It's best to avoid fights this way!) This is a must have!

L'oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow Duo in Electrified - $8.25 - $8.50
While I don't love the super long name of this shadow, it is hands down my favorite eyeshadow, even if it is a duo. I kept seeing it on my daughter and wondering what magic she was putting on her eyes. I would ask her and she would say, "something from Walgreen's", or "I don't know". It was like pulling teeth to get her to tell me her secret! Turns out all her friends and everywhere she goes, people were asking her about her eyeshadow! She was trying to guard her secret! But I wore her down with a simple "Seriously Nakizzle tell me what it is now or I'm grounding you!" (Worked like a charm!) And it really should be called magic, because as amazing as it looks on her big blues, it works on my browns! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (did I mention LOVE) this duo! If I can bring nothing else, this set will come with me. It's small and compact and I can do a light day look or a heavier evening look. Oh and did I mention the light color on the left is a dead on dupe for Urban Decay's Verve from the Naked 2 palette? And the color on the right is really close to Busted in the same palette! For the cost and ease of finding, this is a must have! If I'm not wearing something from the Naked palette, odds are I am wearing this alone or combined with something from the Naked palette. 

Favorite Lip Balm - Fresh Sugar Rose, Passion or Berry
Fresh Sugar - $22.50
My friend introduced me to Fresh Sugar last year. I'm still mad at her! Who wants to be hooked to a lip balm that costs $22.50? Ugh! But I LOVE it! I always buy a new one when I run out of a previous one. I never have more than one on hand since it is so expensive. But I do tend to skip between three colors. I think Berry is my favorite of the three though. I love how my lips stay soft and moisturized and how it adds a hint of color. I tend to only wear lipstick if I go out at night, but this I wear all the time. I always have it in my purse. I have tried some cheaper alternatives and none are quite right. I am loyal to Fresh now.

Right now these are my must have products, but who knows what 2013 will bring into my life. I don't really have a favorite lipstick or gloss since I wear them so infrequently. I tend to skip around based on my mood with those. I also don't have a favorite mascara. In 2011 I swore by Dior Show Blackout. Last year, I started trying so many different mascara's and I have to say not one has compared! I have received so many free mascara's in 2012, and I still have a bunch more to try out. But I have to say I miss my Dior Show. I may just give up and go back to the one I love. That or back to eyelash extensions! 

As for polishes, we all know my favorite brand, (Cult Nails in case you missed the name of this blog) :) but what was the one color I wore more than any other this year? Hmm,  I really don't have a favorite, it would be like picking a favorite child. But I think everyone should own a few for a versatile polish stash. So if I had to pick a few it would be Get It On, My Kind of Cool Aid, Devious Nature, Evil Queen, Cruisin Nude, Nevermore and Wicked Fast. 

What were your must have beauty items in 2012? I'd love to know what tops your favorites list! 


  1. Oh, your description of the interrogation of Nakizzle made me giggle! And what a mean mom you are, plastering her secrets on the Interwebs for all the world to see! XP
    Nice post!

  2. You forgot your favorite primer: Gorgeous!!!

  3. The L'Oreal HiP Electrified shadow on the left of the palette is my absolute favorite shadow of all time. I have hit pan on it (and I never hit pan on anything!). I never use the color on the right, and I have been looking for a dupe everywhere of the left shade so I wouldn't have to waste money buying a shadow I won't use. Unfortunately, UD Verve doesn't look the same on my lid as the HiP shadow...don't know if it's a skin tone thing or what. I just can't find that shade in that high metallic finish anywhere else, so I will keep looking!