Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No Buy? What's That?

So I put myself on this no buy for clothes and shoes a few weeks ago and now I'm wondering what the heck was I thinking?! I mean Fall clothes shopping is my favorite! All the new Fall clothes is just always so much fun! But as we were doing the kids back to school shopping, Coco managed to go through her budget faster than someone on a shopping spree! And this was just weeks after she spent a boat load of birthday money on new clothes and shoes! Clearly this kid is addicted to fashion. (I wonder where she gets it from?) So I told her she needs to go on a No Buy. Of course she immediately shot back that I am the one who needs a No Buy. Of course I responded with I can go on a No Buy anytime. And since I'm the one who works I can buy what I want when I want. But within minutes we made a deal. Coco and I were on a No Buy. If one of us broke, then that means the other one gets to buy something too. And since One month was too easy, we are doing it for almost 2 months, until Oct 1st! UGH!

Of course by this point I broke. I'm rather ashamed! But I have reasons! Really I do! (Some better than others. Wanna hear them?)

 Tom's Desert Wedges in Cheetah Print

Have you ever seen something and know that you just have to have it? There's no logical reason, but the pull is so strong. That was me with these Tom's. I saw them and my heart skipped a beat. They had the same one's in black. Which if you think about it would make more sense, but of course while I would love those too, they didn't make my heart go pitter pat like these did. Then I made the mistake of trying them on. Oh why did I try them on? They are cute and comfortable! I've been wanting a pair of sneaker wedges, but every time I put them on, I feel like I'm just too old to pull them off. These actually felt age appropriate, cheetah print and all. Although thinking of it, that crazy cheetah print should make them totally feel too young for me. But I just loved them so. 

I left the store and kept hounding John who kindly reminded me of my No Buy. But honestly I can't tell you how many times I could have used a cute pair of wedge booties that are casual. So in the end between my "dire" need for some comfy casual booties and Tom's One for One Movement, I went back and got the shoes.  In case you don't know what the One for One Movement is, for every pair of Tom's you purchase, they donate a pair of shoes. So I could actually feel good about my purchase. Oh and of course I asked if there were any discounts, and they gave me 10% off. WAHOO!(Upon finding out about my buy, Coco has since picked up a skirt.)

OK So I totally bought these by mistake! I swear! I know it doesn't sound possible, but seriously I did! What had happened was.... I was looking up some high end items I wish I could have and some more affordable options. I was going to do a blog post on fitting fashion into your budget. Like many of us I lust after the Valentino RockStud Heels that we see on oh just every blogger! Oh how I lust after those shoes! But $1,000 for a pair of shoes? Ugh! Maybe one day. So I found the Sahara by Shoe Dazzle. I wish they had them in black, they only had them in white. Boo! Then I thought wow these are on clearance too. I wonder how much shipping is. So I did what I often do when I'm Internet window shopping, I put the item in my cart. (I know I'm not the only one who does that! Don't judge! Ha!) And I don't know what happened but the next screen popped up and said Thanks for your order! WHAT? I didn't order these! What's going on? I didn't even input payment info! So I took a look and Shoe Dazzle had my address and credit card info! I never even bought anything from them before! When did I enter that in there? Why would I enter that in there? I never let a website save my card info. And not only that I never use that card! I signed up for Shoe Dazzle I don't even know how long ago, so I must have completed everything. But for the life of me I can't remember why, since I never actually bought anything. So I of course I had to go back and delete my credit card info. But oops! Does that really count as part of buying on my No Buy since it was an accident? I'll say no.

Flex Til Your Famous Squat Tank
This was a moment of weakness where I forgot about the No Buy. I blame Cultie Lyssa. You see a few months ago Lyssa told me about this small family owned fitness gear company called Flex Til Your Famous. I checked them out and I liked what I saw. Because their a small company, they do once a month releases of shirts with motivational work out slogans. They tend to sell out most months.  Well they had a drop last Friday and I remembered my No Buy, so even though I really wanted their Drop it Like a Squat Tank I was going to not get it since I was on a No Buy. BUT NO!!! Lyssa sent John a KIK and asked if I remembered about the FTYF Drop. OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Yes, yes she did! So John relays the message and I thought, they're probably sold out already. Whatevs! But as I am watching my daughter cheer for her HS Football Team, I find myself on their website and next thing you know, I bought the shirt. Shhh Don't tell Coco, she doesn't know yet! I got caught up in the moment since they still had XS's available! Those always sell out first! 

But honestly I've been on this No Buy for pretty much all of August and only bought three things. All in all I'd call that a success. There are so many things I wanted that I didn't buy! But I really need to focus here an NOT buy! 

Like the Flex Til You're Famous It All Starts in the Kitchen Tank! Why didn't I order that one too? Darn! Now I can't order it because I'm being good! 

Or a new pair of Camo jeans. I got a pair from Target last year and they are huge on me now. I would love a new pair. Maybe I'll have to get mine altered. hmmm.... altering clothes doesn't count against a No Buy. 

Or how about cheetah print jeans. I am obsessed with getting a pair of Cheetah jeans! I don't know why, but for months now I have been on the hunt. I hope I don't find them before October 1st!

Or A striped midi skirt, a pair of black booties, a new purse.... There's so much more, but it will have to wait til Oct 1st! 

Oh I did build in an exception though.... That's coming on Sept 15th. Can you guess what it is?


  1. Haha, I had a No Buy For The Rest Of The Year policy concerning nail polish, then I logged into Facebook and saw all these sales from a particular indie polish brand :P

    I tried several pairs of Toms shoes when I was in the US but none of them fit (between sizes), I was very sad!

    1. Oh they have half sizes available on their website. So if you know for sure you're in between sizes, you can always go that route! No that i'm enabling or anything... :) Oh and what indie polish brand could you possibly be talking about? *Looks around the room all innocent like* HA!

    2. I didn't read that. No I did not! *Sigh*

      For some reason their different styles fitted differently :( it was all very odd (perhaps I was also a little tired from travelling). I tried the wrap boots but they looked awful on me. There was a pretty pair of blue and white striped wedges but they didn't have my supposed size and now I can't remember which size was best and whether they were too big or too small! Haha, hopeless!

      Yes! Not looking at anyone (through the interwebs)! And I can see some more pretty things coming out in the not too distance future. Oh dear.

      Wearing Blaze over Mazo for the first time. It is the perfect nude sparkle. So much fun but subtle, and very forgiving when you do a dodgy application :)


    At least, that's the only thing happening in my world on September 15...

    1. In my world too! I already know what I want. But I'm hoping that I can still go and try on a ton of stuff. I wonder if the madness will extend to my small town?

    2. I already knew I was going to break the no buy for this release!

  3. Phillip Lim for Target?!?! That's the only thing I know of that's happening on September 15...