Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Where did the weekend go? I had so much I planned on doing and then I just ended up enjoying myself catching up with people and took the entire weekend off! I didn't check FB or my email or anything once! I don't normally work on weekends, but I do try to keep on top of things. I posted some stuff, but I was so wrapped up in my weekend, I feel like I have to catch up on what everyone else did now! But at the same time it felt so good to just focus on family and friends!

I did some working out over the weekend which is always good. I love the gym, but I'm more of a class girl than working out on the gym floor girl. Our gym had no classes because they were doing the floors, so fortunately our instructors got creative and offered us classes out of the gym. John even came along to one of our classes! I did however slack on the ab challenge this weekend! I mean I was really wrapped up in everything else, I forgot all about it until I woke up this morning! DOH! Since it's my off day as far as the gym goes, I figure I can catch up on my ab challenge today no problem! (I hope!)

Here I am mid Zumba move. What a funny picture! John stopped by on his way to do some paddleboarding and snapped a few pics and videos. If you check out my Instagram (www.instagram.com/cultnails) you'll see the video.

We did some Zumba shirt cutting to wear to class this week. My first attempt at shirt cutting and my first official gym attire specifically for Zumba! Ironically about a year ago a friend of mine brought me to a Zumba class and I hated it! I just wasn't a fan. I can dance, but this coordinated, crazy, fast paced and fast changing crap just wasn't how I wanted to work out. But every week before one of my Strong classes a Zumba class is going on. The people in there are always hooting and hollaring and of course I had to sneak a glance at what was going on. After watching them for about 3 or so months, I went to the gym early and walked into the class. I sucked, but I was hooked. I'm still learning the ropes just 2 months in and I still don't have the confidence for some of the moves like I would like, but I am having a blast and that's what counts. right? 

Monday morning we joined a bootcamp from one of the instructors at my gym. Even though John and I both contemplated staying in our warm cozy bed and sleeping in, we got to the beach bright and early. We both knew the hurdle would be just getting out of bed and if we didn't go we would regret it later. So we got up and hit the beach!

This pic makes it look like we breezed right through it. But there were a few times I just had to stand there and catch my breath and drink my water because I thought for sure I was going to throw up! She wasn't kidding when she said we would be full of sand and do a boot camp/last chance style work out! OMG! I drank a liter of water while there. (About 2 lbs of water if it translates exactly) and because I was curious how much water weight I would lose, I weighed myself before and after just to gauge how much water weight (sweat) I would shed. I was down a lb. So after adding in 2 lbs of water, I was still down a lb! That means I sweat out about 48oz of water! Now that's a work out! I kept drinking water the rest of the day to make sure I got it all back and then some! Gotta stay hydrated!  I'm not sure if it all actually translates that way, but perhaps one of you who knows can share. I'm curious now.

We drove up to Orlando and spent a day with my brother and his family, which is never enough time. But it was great to see them. And a good friend who has been away for several months due to her job, came home for the weekend so we have been milking it and hanging out a lot. And then w ended our weekend with some good friends BBQing and playing boardgames. Which if you follow John on Instagram (www.instagram.com/jmorockstar) then you will see just how much fun he was having at my expense!

I wore my new Issa x Banana Republic dress to meet up with friends Saturday night. Issa is the designer of the now famous dress that Kate Middleton wore when she announced her engagement to Prince William. Banana Republic got the design house to create a line of shirts and dresses that would be affordable to the rest of us. The great thing about the dresses is that they are supposed to flatter any figure. I realized when trying them on that I had to size down in order to get the right fit. I also had to get the two dresses I ordered hemmed. ( I swear by getting things altered to fit your body - makes the biggest difference in the world. People always think I'm taller than I really am and hem height has something to do with it. It makes my legs appear longer than they really are. Kind of like a little mind trick. That and super high heels!) But anyway, now that I have the dress back from alterations, OMG! I want to live in it. It really does flatter the figure in all the best ways and is so comfy. This print is sold out online, but they still have it blue and a few other styles as well. It might be worth checking out.

Oh and what is up with my face in this picture? My face looks melted together! LOL I don't know if it is the angle of the photo or the flash of the camera, but my makeup looked way better than this! It was a rainy night, so we had to snap a quick pic, but geez, it looks like I photoshopped my face to a smoothness level that doesn't even look like me! But nope, I didn't. So strange.

Ah here's my real face! OK this one is in black and white, but that's because I had no makeup on. LOL! I was wearing a convertible dress. You know the kind that you can change the way the straps are placed to create multiple looks. I love this dress. It can go from casual to dressy in a second (or more like 5 minutes) and it works as a swimsuit coverup as well as a walk around Downtown Disney dress. (And yes I wore it as both this day!) I got this one on Amazon here. I cut the bottom to suit my height since it is unfinished at the bottom.

This was the view from my brother's hotel room. A perfect view of Downtown Disney and the fireworks they do at Disney! How awesome is that! 

Now it's Tuesday and it's time to get back to work! So much to do!! And if that isn't enough, since I took the weekend off, I extended our sale 1 more day and two orders placed today will find a bottle of the discontinued Clairvoyant in their order! WAHOO! See the pic below for the coupon codes and head over to the Cult Nails website!

Now to get to work! How was your weekend?


  1. Thank you for extending the sale!!!! Btw, I'm glad you're blogging again. I always enjoy reading your blog:)

  2. Your workout posts are so inspiring to me! When you posted about the ab challenge, I poked around the website you linked and found some great stuff!

    You guys look amazing, and you're rocking those dresses pretty lady!

  3. love the dress, just bought it! what size did you get?

  4. Oh my, Clairvoyant! Probably the only Cult Nails polish I don't own! I die.