Monday, October 7, 2013

Don't Sleep on Target Style

If you follow me on Instagram, by now you know my love of Target Style. I love fashion, but I also love putting those fashionable pieces in my wardrobe at an affordable price. I feel like by mixing some affordable pieces in with my more classic pieces, I can still look good and in style, while staying within my shopping budget.

Pants and Handbag are Target

Top, Pants and Handbag are Target

Often times when I am out with my friends I hear, "Don't tell me you got that at Target?" "OMG I love your outfit! Is that seriously Target?" "Let me guess, Target?" "I need to shop at Target with you!" At first it was a little embarrassing, like a dirty little secret. But now I just laugh. And I also see my friends sporting Target more often now too! It's a matter of going in and just checking things out. Like any store there will be hits and misses. Then you have to be willing to try stuff on. It doesn't always look amazing on the hanger, but if you have an open mind and try it on, you might be surprised. I often grab other items similar to what I know I have in my closet to try on with the items. This gives me a feel as to whether or not the piece will work for me.

Pants, sandals and Handbag are Target

Dress and Handbag are Target

Everyone always jokes that Target should pay me for all the advertising I do.  Heck as big of a Target fan as I am, how cool would it be to see Cult Nails in Target! And I often think hmm could I wear only Target for an entire year? Why Target and not any affordable fashion? I don't know, maybe it's because Target is about 10 minutes away and I know it's accessible no matter where I tend to go? Most other affordable fashion stores are at least an hours drive away. I sometimes will order from these other options online and only half the time does it work. Which then means either spending money on shipping things back, or holding on to these items until the next time I make the drive to Orlando and then having to run errands when I do head to Orlando. That's enough to just turn me off from the online shopping. Target is close, it's easy, more often than not it's good quality and it's affordable and budget friendly. So I thought I would put together some entirely Target options on Polyvore to get your Fall wardrobe going. You may or may not see me sporting some of these items throughout the Fall and Winter months ahead. Are you a Target Style fan too? Come on you can admit it here! 

Target Style

Target Style



Chunky jewelry



  1. I know Target has some really awesome fashions but I am just too lazy to take the time and effort to go through everything, not to mention really hit the stores early for the designer releases. Good for you though because you always look fabulous.

    1. It really doesn't take a lot of time. I hate sifting through racks of clothes. At Target I just do a walk through whenever I am there. I do however tend to see what's new online. I love that I can see if they have a particular item at my local Target with their Find in Store feature. And they are now rolling out a buy online and pick up in store feature! This is going to be so dangerous for me! LOL! OMG! I know way too much about Target! Maybe my friends and family are right and they should be paying me! HA!
      Oh and yeah waking up early for collabs! Yeah I hear you there! But yeah you don't even know how bad it really is! I don't know why I do it, but I love it! But at least there's never more than 10 people in line at my Target, so it's never really too early or bad. But still a bit nutty. Ironically, you'll never catch me in line for a Black Friday sale! Go figure.