Friday, October 11, 2013

Red Booties and Florals

I posted a few Fall outfits from Target on Monday and then the week went crazy. When I posted this outfit idea, I'd already purchased this top and had ordered these booties online. I really wanted to wear the booties with the top for the 1st time, so the top was left hanging in my closet waiting. But then the temps dropped yesterday to a high of 82. The beginning of Fall has arrived in FL! I couldn't wait and had to wear the top! Then after getting home from an appt yesterday, surprise, surprise the booties were here! I instantly threw them on! Perfect timing!

This outfit is such a standout because of the rich red floral hues in the top and of course those red booties. I wore this out and about yesterday and then realized I didn't bring shoes to change into to go watch my daughter cheer for her HS Football team. So I was THAT mom wearing this outfit to a HS Football game. Needless to say I got the once over from  a few moms. Funny how an outfit that made me feel so confident earlier in the day could make me feel so out of place just a few hours later! Wrong place for the booties! But whatever, I rocked them anyway.
Top: Target - Jeans: Express - Booties: Target - Handbag: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target (Sold out, but people are still finding them in stores as returns filter in)  - Sunglasses: Fendi Similar Here - Bracelets: Alex & Ani
If you follow me on Instagram (@CultNails), You already know just how obsessed I am with these booties. I mean seriously, everything about them is just amazing! Well not true. These heels measure at 4.5 inches. That is just about an inch more than I like on my heels. Imagine these with a thicker heel at about 3 inches? That would be perfect! Although perhaps it would take some of the sexy away.

Coco's game yesterday was about 45 minutes away and we had to have her there an hour before the game, so John and I went to a nearby park and snapped some OOTD photos.

Fun fact: The dock was a floating dock and I have this irrational fear of docks. I don't know what it is, but they freak me out, much to the amusement of friends and family. I still go on them, but I get super awkward. Every time John moved, the dock would move and I would freak just a little. I'm telling you it's completely irrational. My mind just thinks the dock is going to break under me and I'm going to wind up in shark/gator infested waters and get swallowed up. I think it's the fear of not knowing how deep the water underneath me is and not being able to see what is under there. Crazy I know!

A little booty with my booties.

I absolutely love the faux leather detailing on the shoulders of this top. They have a few different styles of this top, but this is the only one I saw with the faux leather detail.

John had to get in on the action. We took an OOTD photo of him while we were out there. Forget Blue Steel, he's channeling Bruce Willis here.

Are you ready for Fall already? Depending on where you live it could be the start of Winter or the start of Summer. Where on the spectrum are you?

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