Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Makeup Show Orlando - Recap

This past weekend we had a booth at The Makeup Show Orlando. If you're unfamiliar with The Makeup Show, it is a professional MUA/Industry event that happens in cities throughout the U.S. each year. This is our third time showcasing at their show.  It's a way to get our brand out there and meet people in the industry and be part of all the fun! Maybe one day we'll be in a large booth with a long line like some of the major brands, but in the meantime, we just want to meet everyone, have fun and learn more about this amazing industry we dropped ourselves into. It's so great to meet people who already know about the brand and introduce newbies to the Cult. I also love hearing what people think and want to see in a nail polish brand.

I can't even begin to tell you how much work goes into one of these shows! I am still EXHAUSTED and starting to get a little sick. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. In an effort to keep this post from being super pic heavy, I made a few collages instead.

First the best part of the show was meeting Culties! Some of which I follow and others which I now follow. OMG! You have no idea how amazing people are! I met ladies in our area that I just can't wait to get to know more! My friends came out to support me as well, and I can't even tell you how awesome it feels to have friends who will put their day aside, homework aside, work or significant others aside to come and show their support. (and of course shop for some amazing makeup on top of polish!) It doesn't get much better than that! I met bloggers from our area, and just had a great time introducing others to our line of products! I can't even say enough about the awesomeness at these types of events! 

And then of course things like this happen! James Vincent is a doll and I love him. Like seriously love him! I just want to cuddle him whenever I see him. Thankfully John is OK with that. :) Alyssa got to paint his nails with Wack Slacks. I wish I could, but when I say I have shaky hands, I am not kidding. I can sit and relax and do my own nails, but you probably don't want my shaky hands touching your nails! It would look like a 5 year old painted them! LOL! I also got to see Elessa Jade founder of Pursebuzz again. I love seeing her at all the shows and it just isn't fair how she is beautiful and cute all at the same time! And the personality you see in her videos? Totally really as sweet as she really is in person. OH and can I just fan girl for a moment? Laura from Face Off ya'll! I got to give her some Cult Nails to take with her and AAHH! It's Laura from Face Off! I am so addicted to that show, so to see her back on this season is the best! No spoilers though, I have it DVR'd and am a little behind because we've been so busy. And then Sutan Amrull came by and started swatching polishes right before the show ended for the weekend. I looked up and it was like a moth to a flame, he is so beautiful! Like he really has this aura, glow, something. I swear everyone did a collective breath hold and it wasn't from his fame, but rather his aura. 

The weekend went by so fast, but I also got to meet Zena the creator and founder of Z Palette, I got to see Laurie the owner of Lip Factory Inc again. I took a break to see Billie B and David Klausfield speak as two of the Key Notes for The Makeup Show Orlando. Met Sharon Gault AKA Mama Makeup, who also got her nails done by Alyssa and some other amazing women who came to the booth. I swear I have an obsession with hair I can't have. I would see someone and be like OMG your hair is everything, let's take a picture! LOL! Is that weird? I also now follow them on Instagram because they are so cute, pretty, nice, you name it! And because I love peeking at people's lives on Instagram! But seriously look at all the amazing hair in these photos!

Phyrra and her man Ray both wore Cult Nails polishes to the show! AMAZING! Oh and KrystleMakeup was there showcasing Motives Cosmetics and her new brush belt/apron for MUA's. UM there is a cell phone pocket there people! I'm not a pro, but if I was, I would be all over that belt/apron! It is made of an almost plastic type of material so that the makeup brushes won't stain the apron. You can just wipe and go and always keep it clean and they come in all these amazing fun patterns and colors, so you can always be stylish while doing someone's makeup. Love it! John asked who's the girl that looks like Jessica Alba when he saw her. Eyes back in the head dude!

Oh yeah and then this happened! Our booth was right next to the OCC booth. So all day long we had the pleasure of obsessing over lip tars among other amazing OCC products. But the lip tars were right next to us.  John couldn't resist for long and he was enamored by The Queen of Blending herself and had her paint his lips in RX. Yeah THE Queen of blending had her hands on John's lips. Lucky girl! LOL! See the way he is looking at her? I wonder what he's thinking there? She is the cutest. 

All in all it was a crazy busy weekend. I'm a bit under the weather now, have a million things to catch up on at the office, and so many emails to respond to. But I wanted to catch you all up real quick and share all the excitement of the past weekend. Now off to work! I hope we can do more shows like this, being around so many creative people feeds the energy and passion I have for Cult Nails! I just want everyone to fall in love with our polishes and feel the difference. I was feeling a bit down last week and this was just the kick in the butt I needed to get re motivated. I can't wait to see what the future holds! I hope to see you guys at the next show! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the great time :) We had a blast with you guys!