Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And the Winners Are...

Wow our latest give away was insane! I think I may have bit off more than I could chew on that one! LOL! But we have our winners!

Rafflecopter chose Laura Gajewski Olley as the winner and she has already been emailed!

The winners for the Facebook portion are as follows:
Nail Art Entry: Frances Abueg Raymond
Simple Mani Entry: Danielle Pronio
And Randomly selected winner selected by random.org: Anastasia Smith

The winners for the Instagram portion are as follows:
Nail Art Entry: @Dot_warner
Simple Mani: Jeninok04
and randomly selected winner by random.org: @gutsandgrace

And then I added a 4th winner in. The reason for that is that @tdeleon63 had the most likes, but her mani would be considered a simple mani by some and nail art by others, so in order to keep it fair, I am giving her a set and then picked the runners up in both categories. SO yay! An extra winner!

If I mentioned you here, please email me at info @cultnails.com with your name and address. Congrats everyone!


  1. Thank you maria! Hope you got my response! Can't wait to try them out!

  2. Thanks for this giveaway and congrats to all the winners! I have contacted you, just wondering when we should expect to hear back from you if we have won a set.