Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Time is running out to get the holiday shopping done! I can't believe this year is already almost over! Where did the year go? While I am trying to finalize some last minute gifts, I thought I would do a quick post on some items that can help you out if you are still shopping for the holidays too!

We all have those Secret Santa gifts we have to shop for and they often have some crazy $10 or less limit! I love that people think of our wallets and budgets, but it is always so hard to try to find something cool for $10! Keeping that in mind many of these gifts start at $10 and can easily be adjusted to fit your budget. I didn't want it to be one of those gift guides where you look at the gifts and they are all some outrageous unaffordable item!
Burts Bees Lip Balm/Body Lotion Set $4.99
I'm a huge fan of Burt's Bees and they are easily found at Target and most pharmacy's now. Target actually has quite a few Burt's bees gift sets that you can choose from. This is one of my favorites because it has both the lip balm and body lotion that I love in it! Add your favorite bottle or two of nail polish, like Cult Nails Polish or a Gift Certificate and you're all set! (Had to throw in the shameless plug!)

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Ornament $2.99  and Knit Sweater Mug $6.99 

Not sure what someone would like? Grab a small Hot Chocolate Ornament like the Swiss Miss one pictured above and a cute coffee mug, throw in some candy and you have a cute little gift that's ready to go! You can go all out by buying different varieties of hot chocolate or chocolate spoons and multiple mugs. 

Have a wine snob friend or co-worker? Grab a cute wine glass and bottle stopper! This gift is probably the easiest thing to buy. You can increase it to 2 wine glasses and add a bottle of wine or various wine accessories. This one has no limit, but is easy to keep at around $10.

Ozeri Prestige Electric wine Bottle Opener $24.95

If you really want to impress your wine-o friend, get him/her an electric wine bottle opener. A friend of mine has this and every time she opens a bottle of wine, I think "Man I need one of these!" 
Magnetic Desktop Dart Board $3.98
Trying to figure out things for the men in my life is always a challenge, much less a male co-worker. I found this cool magnetic dart board for the desk online and thought this is perfect! It can be a secret santa gift or a stocking stuffer! The price is right and even after you add in shipping, it's still under $10! (I need to buy a supply of these and keep them on hand!) Add some playing cards, stress balls and munchies if you need to make this a bigger gift.

Ladybug Timer $5.99 

Have a friend who loves to bake? Get her a cute apron and a kitchen timer. If you're on a tight budget, look up some recipes online, print them on decorated card stock and give your friend a handful of pre printed recipes with the timer. You can find some great DIY ideas for recipe cards on Pinterest. Add in a gift certificate to a local gourmet grocery store, or some cute mixing bowls or measuring cups to really make this gift stand out!

Last year I bought John this Art of Shaving Starter Kit for Christmas. He fell in love with the product! So for our anniversary I got him a full size set as a gift. It has changed the way he shaves and how smooth his shave is. Art of Shaving is kind of pricey, but you can get starter sets as small as this one for $25. They have other sets that range from $60 - $115 as well.  If you are lucky enough to have an Art of Shaving store near you, you can book your man for a shave, which I heard is the equivalent to a facial for a woman and let him pick out his kit at that time. Don't have an Art of Shaving nearby? Hook him up at a local barber shop instead! 

Cards against Humanity $25
For your couple friends, get them a board game. I have been hearing a lot about Cards Against Humanity lately, but I haven't actually played it yet. But find a board game you love, or look for a new highly rated new game. This gift will obviously lead to a game night with your friends, so more fun is in your future! You can add snacks, drinks or an evening out to this gift.

BFF shopping time! You might want to spend a bit more on your friend, and a Kate Spade wristlet is perfect! I am just now hopping on to the Kate Spade band wagon. I have gone into a few stores and have not really been a fan. But doing some holiday shopping this year I wandered into an outlet. I found some really AMAZING stuff, which I can't talk about since those gifts are out in the mail still. But I also fell in love with their wristlets and had to pick up one for myself. They have small separator pockets or credit card wallets inside. They also have some wallets with the wristlet feature. I need one in every color! You can often find one on sale on their site like the one pictured here, or at a really good deal at the outlet. I am now a converted fan!

And lastly my go to gift! I always give gifts of Cult Nails polishes with a gift certificate to a local spa for a mani or pedi. So much so, that when I stopped, my friends actually said they were looking forward to the spa time! Oops! In their card, I put a little note about going to the spa together and we make it a date! It's always fun! Since this gift can be pricey, like some local spas on FB or sign up for their emails and keep an eye out on Groupon. You can find some great deals out there to make it an amazing gift without breaking the wallet!

Now that I got your creative juices going for gift giving, what are some of your gifting secrets? What do you think is the perfect gift? I'd love more ideas! 

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