Monday, December 16, 2013

Mani Monday - Holiday Nails

I have been seeing so many amazing holiday inspired mani's lately! I needed to get in on the action. I love Nail Art, but I rarely have time to actually sit down and do some nail art on my nails. Typically I sit back on Sunday nights and do my nails for the week. Rarely do I change my mani in between that time. Lately I have been so busy that I have barely been giving myself a good mani, much less taking care of my nails. I go to bed so exhausted that I don't even bother putting cuticle balm on. As a result my nails and cuticles have suffered. I am back on the wagon with short nails that will get me through this busy time.

I used Get It On, Evil Queen, Tempest and Wicked Fast to achieve this look.  I also used stamping plates and striping tape to complete my look.  The various snowflakes are from the following plates: Bundle Monster plate BM14 & BM319. I did the accent nail using striping tape.

 I took the above supply picture prior to doing the mani. I have two additional plates showing since originally I was going to do one nail with the dots on one of the plates and the stripes on another. But the stripes were not big enough to cover my nail and I decided against the dots.

 This mani pretty much took me all day to achieve! I did other things in between, so that affected the time. But I originally did the ring finger with the stamping plate with the stripes and it was not big enough to cover the entire nail, so I had to start that nail again. Then on take two it came out PERFECT! I was so happy and at that exact moment that I took the last bit of striping tape off, my phone rang and I hit the nail as I went for the nail! NOOOO! Take 3 had polish coming under the tape ruining the look. Take 4 came out good but one little teeny tiny piece of red got on the white and I tried to clean it up and made a mess! UGH! I almost gave up but decided to go for take 5! Phew it worked! Good thing I leave a mani on for a week!

I really like how this mani came out! It is my first official Christmas mani! Nakizzle came home from school wanting the candy canes, so I am about to do the candy canes to her nails and her friends nails too! I hope theirs come out perfect on round 1! Wish me luck!
 Have you done any holiday mani's yet? If not pull out your Cult Nails polishes and post you holiday mani's to Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Instagram and copy us in! We'll share our favorite looks!

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