Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's Coffee Time!

As some of you may know, one of our resolutions for 2014 is a "project" a month that John and I get to do together. Well things got a little derailed for Jan's intended project. You see, we have this wall between two doors that is right where our kitchen and dining room meet. We had an old Ikea wall unit on the wall as a "for now" fix for the empty wall. We had the unit in a few of our previous homes and when we got here, neither of us really wanted the wall units anymore, but for whatever reason, we weren't quite ready to get rid of them. I stuck one of the units in that space "for now" and 4 years later it was still there. We both hated it, yet we both left it there.
The Ikea unit that was in the dining/kitchen area now houses sporting goods in the garage.
I forgot to take a before picture. The Ikea unit now sits in our garage holding sporting goods. I really like it in it's new home! Perfect!

John was so sick of the unit in our dining/kitchen area, and mentioned that he wanted a coffee bar there in it's place. Of course my eyebrows went up. I was thinking "you want a what? There's a coffee pot on the counter and cups hanging, what more do you need dude?" But I gave it the ol' Pinterest perusal and found hundreds of coffee bars for inspiration. Now that I was seeing them, I was getting into the project. I liked the idea. John however was a little bummed that he wasn't as original as he thought.

The island we were going to build to use as a coffee bar, picture is from, link is below.
After some more research we (and by we I mean I) decided that we would build a coffee bar. I found this plan on for a kitchen island and I thought it would be the perfect coffee bar. So this was our goal for Jan. To build this island and make it our coffee bar!

Love at 1st Sight!
But then I went to a vintage.antique market with a friend and saw this gorgeous dresser. I don't know what it was about it, but I knew THIS was our coffee bar the second I saw it! It is a bit heavy looking as it's a substantial piece of furniture. But I instantly fell in love! I looked at the price tag and let out a bit of a deflated breathe. I told my friend, man if this was just $50 less, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat! I know it's only $50, but that $50 just took it over the budget. As luck would have it, the owner of the booth had just pulled the piece out of his truck and placed it in the booth and wanted to sell it before the market ended in a few hours and he came up and said, I'll sell it to you for $75 less than what the tag says! Are you kidding me? I didn't even need to negotiate! SOLD! I mean it came in well under my weekly grocery bill! Woot! Well actually I called John first, sent him pictures, answered what felt like a million questions, while I watched another lady inspect the piece. AAHHH I was about to lose my piece answering all these questions to John! He FINALLY said go for it and I snatched up the piece just minutes before the other lady tried to buy it! Phew!  I later saw another woman bust out a measuring tape and inspect the piece as well. My friend and I actually saw quite a few people inquiring about the piece while we were at the market. It's like it was meant to be mine! Timing is everything. But clearly my friend and I have great taste, because she bought a bench and two end tables and people kept wanting the pieces we bought. She even got an offer on the bench she bought. LOL!

I am all about the distressed look and that wood grain! LOVE!

Mine! It's all mine!

But I digress, John came and picked up the piece and brought it home for me. It is a perfect fit! We had to go buy a shelf to go above it and let me tell  you picking out a shelf was a project in and of itself. I spent an entire day going from store to store looking at shelves and brought two home and John nixed both. Then John and I went out looking and nothing. FINALLY we just bought a ghost shelf from Target as a last resort, which was what I originally suggested and John said absolutely not, he hates those shelves. But lo and behold in the end THAT is the shelf he chose for it! Grrrr. Men! We moved our cup hanging rack from where it used to be in the kitchen and placed it under the shelf and viola! The coffee bar is complete!

The initial set up

It's finally done! John is loving his coffee bar!
We bought the clock at Hobby Lobby to put on the shelf, which of course John was like, "Wait, we need a shelf to put our stuff on, but you're buying stuff to put on the shelf? WTF?" Why doesn't he get it? I also bought a coffee bag at the vintage market and cut it up and stapled it around a frame for some art work. Now it's done! Well we actually have one more piece of artwork that I want, but John needs to make it for me. Stay tuned for that one.

Check out coffee bars on Pinterest. Just about EVERY single one has a big monogram letter  as part of the decorating.  Why the need for the letter with coffee bars? Am I missing something? We opted for a clock instead.

So what do you think of the coffee bar? Are you digging the idea?


  1. I love it! I'll have to come by and 'belly up to the bar' some time soon - I'm overdue for a visit anyway, IMHO :)

  2. Love it! Great job pulling everything together. Plus, this looks way classier than the ikea shelving!