Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mani Monday… On a Tuesday!

I'm a little behind on my mani's. I normally do my nails on Sunday nights, but this week, it was last night before I had a chance to do my nails. I've also been a bit uninspired. I have so much going on, so many things to do and think about and well, I just wasn't feeling it. Not to mention we have a new collection coming out soon and all I can think about is those polishes and how much I want to wear them!

I asked on FB last night for mani ideas. I need to screenshot the suggestions, I have so much inspiration now! Two that caught my eye right away were one where someone suggested a bright color with gold foil and another suggesting a lace pattern. Well one of the colors we are releasing is a gorgeous bright wax finish red and the other a silver foil. I knew as soon as I saw that comment, my resolve to wait to wear the new colors was gone! So I added a little lace detail in Nevermore to an accent nail and my mani was born. Simple, elegant and I am in love with it!

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

Bonus pic! This is what Zero was doing while I was doing my nails! What a funny dog!


  1. Great post! I love how your nails turned out! I love that bright red and silver together and the design of the nail is just so pretty! Love it!


  2. yay for brights and foil! :) I've got on a bright orange with gold shimmer and a gold foil accent and I'm loving it. When it's time to change I see something very similar in my future. I need your gold shredded polish.

    1. Oh I love brights in the Winter! Orange and gold foil sounds like a good mani too. I may have to copy that look!