Monday, January 13, 2014

Mani Monday & Random Rambling

Oh Monday's! You know you look forward to them as much as I do! I woke up at 4 this morning ready to go! My first thought was "Oh hell no!" and I forced myself back to sleep. That worked! Until about 5AM though! Grrr! But I guess there's a reason for that. Nakizzle was bit by a spider late last week. Spider bites seeming to be a common occurrence in our FL life. I have had one and so hasn't our oldest. Friends, co-workers, you name it, it seems everyone has a spider bite story here. But you just have to make sure that it doesn't get infected, so this morning we are off to the doctor's so they can take a look.

Not such a big deal really, but it throws off my entire day! I have some polishes to prepare for shipping and lots of orders to pack today. Which again doesn't seem so bad, but if you ever had to go to a military clinic for health care, it ranks right up there with getting a tooth pulled with no Novocain. Unfortunately there just aren't enough medical techs, doctors or nurses to go around. They are literally pressed for time. So you need to make sure you get there early and then wait and wait and wait… I am not kidding, I have gone for a simple appt in the past and half my day has been taken between the appt and waiting on meds. But such is life. It just means a longer day at the office and potentially calling in some help.

All in all, lack of sleep and having to sit around and relax while I wait this morning doesn't sound half bad. A friend gave me a book for Christmas, perhaps I can take that with me and enjoy some reading. Ah now that's a way to start a Monday! See things are looking up already!

What does that have to do with the mani? Absolutely nothing! Well except my original plan for this morning was a quick mani change and now that is totally not happening. Guess I should have gotten my ass out of bed at 4 when I woke up. Man am I lazy!

I used Tempest and our upcoming silver foil; Lethal to achieve this look. I stamped the middle finger using the Pueen Plate # 23 from the 25F Sumptuous Gallery Collection.

Hope your Monday is off to a flawless start and mani!


  1. Hope the spider bite heals well! poor thing.

  2. She's on antibiotics now and it started draining finally. We go back to the Dr's tomorrow to see if it will need to be lanced and completely drained. Fingers crossed she gets enough draining action today again that we can avoid that tomorrow.