Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today's Post Is Brought To You By Zero

As I was sitting here not liking the post I prepared today, I figured, you know what, screw it. Today will just be some of my fav Zero pics from the last week or so.

He loves getting his belly rubbed. He will actually roll around so I can get every single spot while I pet him. He will reach his little paw out and grab my hand and bring it back to him if I stop before he feels I should have. The whole time he gives me this total loving look. I already hear the collective Awwws...

In return he let's me put silly clothes and things I find on him and he sits there quietly while I take pictures. This is a little towel cover to our steamer. But it doubles as the perfect shower cap!

Sometimes when he sees me aim my phone at him he turns away. Like he's trying to tell me "Stop taking pictures mom!" But most of the time he indulges me. he's always sitting near by while I work giving me this look or napping.

I already posted this on Instagram, but it cracks me up. If he wants to play, he will beg like nobody's business. It's like he is saying a little prayer for me to play with him. He has no shame! (Ugh one day I will find something for that big empty wall!)

I gave him a bath and trimmed the hair around his ears this weekend. Now he looks like a baby German Shepard. I love this look. I know he's a long haired Chihuahua, but I like how he looks with the hair trimmed. I may think differently once he has his full coat, but for now, I think we'll keep it neat and trimmed. 

I love how he curls himself into this tiny little ball with his back paws by his face and sleeps. Such a cutie. Although I have to admit, sometimes while I'm working and I look back and see him like this, I get just a tiny bit jealous. I want a nap too! 


  1. Replies
    1. That's my life every day! He'll kill me soon enough! LOL

  2. Oh my GOD!! He is just the cutest thing ever! I can't even take it!! His "praying" is hilarious!!

    1. He's my baby. I love that he loves me so much, but I worry that he may be getting too attached.

  3. what an adorably sweet little angel!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, he's so precious! I just want to crawl through the screen and cuddle him! :)

  5. I love him!! He does look like my baby (German Shepherd!). Such great pics!!