Monday, February 3, 2014

Mani Monday - Mani by Coco

Another weekend has come and gone! Why do they always go by so fast? And why is it that I can't wake up during the week, but I can't sleep in on the weekend? So weird how that works!

I was going to do a Super Bowl inspired mani over the weekend, supporting each team on a hand. But, it just never happened. And once the Super Bowl started, I just didn't have it in me to do a mani that I would have to just change today. So when Coco offered to do my nails for me, I jumped at the chance! Actually at first I told her no thanks because part of the joy of having my nails painted is painting them myself. But then I thought, hmmm I can just sit here and chat with Alyssa and get my nails done? OK why not! Coco was wearing Nakizzle's Shizzle with an accent nail of Lethal. I loved the combo, so when she asked what I wanted, I opted to copy her mani.

Every time I wear one of our creme polishes, I just love how smooth they look. I love that they give me that look of gel nail polish, without the actuality of being gel polish. I love that I can wear the mani for a week and sometimes more and that it maintains that look! Nothing makes me happier than a perfect creme polish and Nakizzle's Shizzle delivers that for me. The touch of Lethal just sets this noticeable mani off. Good job Coco!

While Alyssa was getting her nails done by Coco, Zero thought she could use a head massage. Such a funny dog!

Bonus Tulips pic! I grabbed these from Publix. I absolutely love Tulips, I love the way they fall and hang as they open and bloom. I just can't get enough of them! I will enjoy them while they are in season! 


  1. Hah tulips... So when I was a freshman in college, I had a Valentine's Day date with a senior from high school and he asked what my favorite flowers were and I was so nervous that I said "tulips!" What I meant was daffodils... and he special ordered tulips. Now I just have this great small laugh when I think about it.

  2. OMG too funny! I have done similar things! I once asked for a Mimosa with my dinner and then when they brought me a Mimosa, I looked at it and was like, Um who ordered the Mimosa for dinner?! Everyone looked at me like I was nuts! I meant to order a Mojito!

  3. Oh my ! I really love those two colors together! So pretty! I've never had Tulips, I actually can't really have real flowers in the house because of my allergies and Anya tries to eat them. Then again she tries to eat fake ones as well. Pft.