Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mini Bathroom Update With Apothecary Jars

 I had these large apothecary jars from a party that I had where I filled them with candy. I had no where to put these jars after the party. I figured eventually I would use them again for another party, but then while looking through the Pottery Barn catalog a few weeks ago, I saw that they had these apothecary jars featured in a bathroom with some sea sponge, bath salt and soap bars. I knew immediately that I was going to do this in my bathroom!

I had these square drawers in there near my bathtub already. But the top of this was always a mess. I had my razor, shampoo, conditioner and magazines thrown on the top. I hated the eyesore. The drawers contained various samples I accumulated along the way. I finally went in and cleaned out the samples and sent a bunch off to friends. Then I made the top drawer for my essentials and another drawer for the magazines I love reading when I take a hot bath.

Because I was always throwing my shampoo and wet razors on top of the drawers, the top had seen better days. I grabbed some shelf liner and put it on the top to dress it up. Since it is contact paper, it will take to getting wet a bit better as well. I then put some bath salts and bubble bars in two of the jars, both products that I already use. Since I use gel soap, the bubble bars made more sense for me, since I always have a few. I had to go out and get some sea sponge, and I added a small candle. I now love how it looks! 

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