Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target - View from the Fitting Room

My friend Pam and I went to Target this morning to check out Peter Pilotto for Target. This line was a classic case of don't judge before you try it on. When I saw the collection online, I thought, it was full of too young, crazy patterned clothing. It had absolutely nothing to offer me. But since I have made it a sort of tradition to go try everything on here on the blog, I decided why not just go. My friend Pam went with me so she could provide you with another look. It is amazing what looks good on her, didn't look so great on me and vice versa. This is why whether you think it will work or like it or not, you should always reserve judgment on clothing until you try it on! 

I have to say though that my Target had a dismal selection. It was almost not even worth carrying it, it was so poor. We're in a FL beach town and no shorts, no swimsuits, no beach bags, no towels, no rash guards or the maxi swimsuit cover up. Yet friends in NY had all these items. Um hello? Target? Who missed the boat on that one? Not only that one Target within 100 miles of me was the only one to receive some of these missing items. NONE of the Target's within 100 miles of me received the blazers or the cute dresses with tulle or the romper. Really? Oh well. 

Tank - Purple $24.99. This looked great on both of us. Or at least we both thought so. It was such a cute top, with such a cute fit. It cinched in on the smallest part of our waist. It was like a stretchy t-shirt material for comfort and shape. I regret not buying this one. Pam bought this in the red color.

 Shirt Dress - $34.99 This was cute. Not my style at all, but cute none the less. The top where it's black print is a soft sheer material. I left it behind, I think Pam bought this one.

Belted Dress - $44.99 This looked great on Pam. On me, I looked like a school girl playing dress up. I can't even explain it. I walked out of the dressing room and Pam bust out laughing as did one of the Target employee's who was helping us. Another girl in another fitting room crinkled her nose and just said No. LOL! I left this one behind, Pam snatched it.

 Skirt Black/White Print - $34.99 This was a fairly thick crinkle like material. It added too much bulk to the skirt for my shape. It was pretty loose around bulky on me. I think my shape made it look like that, because on Pam and another girl in the fitting room it looked great. Not for me, but I think Pam went home with it.

 Criss Cross Dress - Purple Floral Print - $29.99 This dress is a comfy t-shirt dress. So cute and comfy. I tried to get a pic of the criss cross on the top. I would like this better without the criss cross action personally, but it doesn't take too much away from the dress. This picture doesn't show it, but it's like Pa-pow! So this is something that I would definitely wear with sandals or flats. I did get it, but now I wish I got the shirt in this print instead. I may bring this one back. But at the same time, to have a t-shirt dress to throw on over the Summer here in FL, is always good. So maybe I will keep it. It looked great on Pam too and she went home with it.

 Long Sleeve Shirt - Red Floral - $19.99 Comfy and soft. But neither Pam or I were feeling it. We couldn't quite put our finger on it. But it stayed behind.

Tank Green Netting Print - $24.99 I couldn't get this one off fast enough. I just was not a fan. Pam loved it. It's cute, just sooo not my style. I left it behind, Pam bought it.

Sweatshirt Blue Floral Print - $24.99 This was a bit stiff on the outside and super soft on the inside. Pam didn't try this on. I loved it in person, not sure how I feel now that I see it in photos. I brought it home and will keep it a few days before I make my final decision. 

Pencil Skirt Light Blue $34.99 - Pam didn't like this at all. She didn't even show me. This was tight and loose all at the same time. It was big around the waist and tight around the bum. It actually squished my bum and made it look flat. This is for someone with less of an hourglass shape.

Pant Black Check Print $34.99 and Tee Green Netting - $19.99 Not much to say other than I loved both of these items! I didn't even consider the pants and then I tried them on and it was instant love! Both these came home with me!

Cardigan Blue White Colorblock - $34.99 This sweater has netted sleeves and bank. It is perfect for Florida's Spring and Summer months. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the sweater! light and sheer. Don't look at this if you want to be kept warm, it's more just to ward off the chill. This came home with me.

All in all this collection surprised me. I liked it a lot more than I had anticipated. Now I wish we had some of the other items, so that I could try them out. But I'm pretty satisfied with my selections. Did you go check out the line? What did you try on or buy? If you did a review, leave me a link, I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Some of the items are cute... I find it kind of strange though, how so many pieces are in the same pattern!

    1. There were I belied 3 prints and each of those in multiple colors. It does make for an overwhelming look when trying to style these.

  2. Trying the pieces on definitely helps to determine fit and quality. I love that both of you tried the same pieces. I love the floral peplum,as that one pleasantly surprised me with its ladylike fit! The colorblock cardigan is also a smart and versatile choice! Enjoy your new purchases! I'm excited to wear mine (and wrote a review as well). Happy shopping!


    1. I loved your post! I really liked how the pants fit you, even though you didn't like them.

  3. I like the cardigan on you! Nice review from two perspectives.
    I did a review too, I only got 3 pieces. I wasn't crazy about the dresses this time around.

    1. I found your blog through your PPxT review! Love it! But what's up with the heart of polish and no Cult Nails? LOL! We need to change that! Email me!