Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Mani

I have another mani inspired by Valentine's day for you today! I am so into the red hot mani's this year! I'm not sure how I feel about Valentine's Day as a whole. I love the idea of being spoiled and shown how much I mean to someone, but I think it would mean so much more on a random day.

But who has time on a random day? We are always so busy with everything else, I just don't see those random days happening, so I'll take that commercial holiday as a forced day to stop and show your loved ones how much you love them.

Except I really suck at the whole emotional love pouring. Yuck! I can't! I mean I can, but I'd rather not. So a card is as romantic as I get. That doesn't mean I don't dream of having John do something romantic, but then I get all weird when he does, like wow that's nice, let's not stay in this sappy place and move on. Is it just me?

But this year I'm feeling all Valentine's Day lovey dovey. I'll probably still just get John a card though. What do you do romantic for a guy? Maybe I'll get us a couples massage or something.

Anywho… I am LOVING this red hot mani! It just screams sexy to me! I love it! I used Kiss as the main feature and Fetish on my ring finger. I stamped the lips using a Bundle Monster plate (sorry I forget which one) and used Lethal for the stamping.

Have you done a Valentine's Day inspired mani yet? Did you use Cult Nails polishes? If so, share them with us via email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you may win our upcoming collection that we will be announcing soon!


  1. I LOVE this mani, Maria! I have considered diving into stamping, but I am hesitant! I will be working on my Cult Nails Valentine's Day mani this week - though it won't be this artistic! ;)

    1. You need to! Once you start with stamping, it gets so much easier!

  2. Love the lips! I'm so not into Valentine's Day either. :)