Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What I Wore - Peter Pilotto for Target

When I can't wait to put a new item of clothing on, I know I have a winner! I forced myself to wait a day before I threw on the Peter Pilotto for Target sweatshirt. I found myself dying to wear every piece I bought with the exception of the t-shirt. I actually already returned the t-shirt. But the sweatshirt is probably my favorite piece (aside from the pants).

I've been off my game for several months on posting outfit pics. I just haven't been feeling the whole blogger style game lately. I guess I needed a break. I mean I would still get dressed decently, but I haven't had anyone around really to take pics for me and when I did, it's been too dark or I just haven't really felt like doing it or in all honesty, I was probably running late enough already. Ironically the one Target collab that I could have cared less about, is the one that brought my mo jo back.

Now I just need to remember where I put my camera and charge the battery! I used to keep my camera in my purse with me, but I stopped when I couldn't easily transfer the pictures to the Samsung phone when I had it briefly. I need to get my camera back in my bag!

But seriously, is this sweatshirt not the coolest? I really thought the prints would be overwhelming in person and even on the hanger, I wasn't too convinced. I don't tend to wear prints often and when I do they tend to be more subdued. But every so often, a print gets me! I also don't wear bright colors often. I love how vivid this piece is while still being wearable and somewhat toned down. It matches my personality perfectly! I just wish that this was a thin material instead of a sweatshirt so I could get some real wear out of it. But with FL Summer weather just around the corner, I'll be lucky to wear it a few more times before next Nov. As it is, I was pushing it weather wise today. The weather high was supposed to be 73, turned out to be 77. Oops!

I got all artsy with my Rebecca Minkoff bag. I didn't want to set it on the sand, so this nearby driftwood did the trick. A friend picked this bag up for me at a sample sale in NY. I have been lusting after this bag and wanted it in grey so bad, but I could never seem to find it online. I was so excited when she found it for me and at 50% off! SCORE!

I wanted to wear the sweatshirt a bit differently than with the expected black skirt or jeans look. I have plenty of time to rock those looks! I felt the tuxedo striped capri's from Express did the trick. I really liked these two pieces together. The sweatshirt is still available in limited sizes online, but when I do a Find in Store it seems most stores still have several available. So if you're looking, don't give up hope. Also orders have started arriving from those who placed orders online, so now is the time to check your stores out for returns. I've had success in the past getting most of the items I wanted through returns. You just have to be vigilant and perhaps make Target your destination for all your errands for a few weeks. ha! You can also check the customer service desk and fitting room for returns before they make it back to the floor. But shhh don't tell anyone my secrets or I won't keep having as much success in the future.

Top: Peter Pilotto for Target Sweatshirt (If it's not available online, use the Find in Store option, it seems it is still available in most stores.)
Sandals: Guess - Similar Here


  1. Fabulous look! Love the pants and the sandals!

    1. Thanks! The weather has been so nice lately here, I am already breaking out the sandals!