Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cult Nails Casual Elegance Collection Swatches

I am so excited to FINALLY share this collection with you guys! And when I say FINALLY, I really mean FINALLY and if I could make fireworks shoot out of that word, I totally would! You have no idea! This collection was supposed to launch on Valentine's Day, and here it is March 18th and during the final hour at that, and I am just now showing you the swatches and we are just now putting it on Pre-sale. It has been one thing after the other, and no matter how well prepared we thought we were, things just kept getting delayed. Then the press samples arrived and I sent the blogger packs out and my schedule was jam packed and it seems so silly now, considering it was things like celebrating friend's birthdays, plans made a month ago with out of town guests, (multiple - yes!) and maybe a little spa and beach time thrown in for good measure. OK so those last two could have been prevented and are totally unprofessional of me knowing I had swatches. but… 

Anyway, we FINALLY have the swatches and the collection available for pre-sale! Well pre-sale actually starts at midnight tonight, but you get the idea! WAHOO!

If you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you already saw sneak peeks of the colors. But here are the official swatches! (I should probably just stop blabbing now and get right to the pics now.)

Intriguing - Intriguing is a periwinkle with lots of gray tones and some holographic shimmer thrown in for good measure. This one goes from leaning periwinkle to blue to gray depending on the light. The holographic shimmer is subtle and dances around in daylight but is more subdued indoors. You all know how much I love subtle shimmer, so this is taking that in a little different direction, while keeping the subtlety I love so much. 

Winter's Light - This is a top coat that plays with fine grain glitter. You can achieve multiple looks with this polish. Layer a few layers on its own, or over your favorite polish and watch the polish come alive. Leave it without a top coat for a textured look or add Wicked Fast for a sleek shiny and blingy mani! It is a purple jelly densely packed with blue micro glitter and a smattering of purple glitter for good measure.

 Here is two thin coats over Nevermore. 

Here is two thin coats shown over Casual Elegance.

Casual Elegance - A gorgeous lilac creme. It is a soft and stunning color to bring on the Spring! This is a one to two coater. In the photos below I am wearing one coat. But I don't tend to apply in thin coats. I took these pictures in different lighting situations, so you can see just how the color can be manipulated by light. 

And if these colors weren't enough, we are partnering with Nail Vinyls and providing a small sample in each pre-sale box! The sample will be enough for you to do 2 accent nails. I recently discovered Nail Vinyls on Refined and Polished Facebook page and once I tried them out I was in love! I had told John before that we need to make nail stencils, and Linda was smart enough to go out there and do it! We hope to partner in future collections with Indies and bloggers alike to bring you a different nail look each month. I am excited that Nail Vinyls is the first we are partnering with. You can check out the other Nail Vinyl options on her site and do a little shopping while you wait for your pre-sale order to arrive. 

Oh and did I mention about a week or two after all the pre-sale polishes ship out, Refined and Polished will be hosting a Google Hangout, doing a live demonstration/nail look using the colors in this collection and these Nail Vinyls! So order your set, and then join us for our first live mani night and do your nails with us! 

Pre-sale starts tonight at midnight - March 19th 12:00AM EST. This is a very limited edition collection as we gage how these small micro collections will work. There will only be 500 available for pre-sale and some will be available after pre-sales with some of our brand partners. From there we may have a small amount available for sale on our site if they are available. All the colors in this collection are Limited Edition colors and we don't plan on adding them to our stock colors. But on a good note, we will have them available for pre-sale for two weeks instead of the normal one week, to give everyone time to order. The collection will be $25 for all 3 polishes. Individually Casual Elegance and Winter's Light will retail for $12 and Intriguing will retail for $14 due to the extra cost of the ingredients. You are saving $13 by ordering during pre-sale. 

Now that we got all the details out of the way, are you super stoked for this collection or what? They are all a play on purple, without being just "purple". We really tried to think outside the purple box for this one, and I hope you love them as much as we do! 


Winter's Light

Casual Elegance
If you want to see more swatches, Love for Lacquer has already posted some on her blog! Go check her out! See you at midnight! 

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