Monday, March 3, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target Mani Tutorial by Grace Wright

Many of you know my love of a good Target collaboration, but the when it comes to recreating a look on my nails, I struggle. GutsandGrace on Instagram is one of those women, who can look at a dress, or a pattern and mimic it on the nail. I gave her this picture and asked her if she could 1. create a look for the blog and 2. provide a tutorial so we can all try the look! She was so gracious, and took a stab at it. (No pun intended there! I just realized I did that when I re-read it. A subconscious pun perhaps?)

So of course after seeing how easy Grace made it look, I had to try it out! The only issue I had was the horrible pooling I had of the black polish when cleaning up. I am testing out a different remover and while it works great at removing glitter, not so much in the clean up, without spreading the polish all around. I have some more practice to go, but my stab at it is in the picture below.

Thank you Grace for taking the time out of your day to provide us with a tutorial! If you have a tutorial using all Cult Nails polishes that you would like us to share, shoot us an email. 

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