Monday, March 10, 2014

The Vanity and Co Nail Polish Rack

The Vanity and Co asked if I would review their nail polish rack: The Bella. At first I wasn't really sure, mainly because they are a new company. Once they explained what is different about their company, I wanted to help spread the word. The Vanity and Co was started by Mercedes and Arooba. Their goal is to create an assortment of organizational products and a focus to improve the lives of women. A percentage of their sales are used to give back to charitable organizations like METRAC, Dipelex Smileagain Foundation, Womankind, and the Huairou Commission.

The nail polish rack arrived well packed. It is made with Lucite acrylic. This is a major component that makes their product different than many other nail polish racks. Lucite is made by DuPont and is considered to be a high end and high grade level of acrylic. This means you know you are receiving a quality product. 

The Bella retails for $69.95, which is on the high end cost wise for nail polish racks. But, the fact that it is made using Lucite brand acrylic, and the thickness of the acrylic used for the rack affect the price. That and the fact that a percentage of the sales go to various charities that help women and that this is a small independent company, increase the cost of this product. This is definitely a consideration though for those looking at nail polish racks.

The Bella has 6 shelves and measures in at 24 inches length x 4 inches width x 27 inches height. It will hold approximately 120 bottles of nail polish. While it is a big polish rack, it's not overwhelming in appearance. 

Before someone points it out, yes, you can buy a nail polish rack on Amazon for a fraction of the cost, I feel that if the quality/brand name of the acrylic mean something to you, then this is a good alternative that will make you feel good at the same time since it has the give back factor. If these things don't make a difference to you, then Amazon and a more cost effective option may be for you. 

I have not used a nail polish rack in the past because I just have not been a fan of the plastic look of the ones I have seen. I actually at one point did order one for $45 off Amazon and it went back. Maybe it's the one I selected, but it was the cheapest looking thing and the acrylic was so thin. I just felt it looked cheap and didn't want that hanging on my wall. I took some close up shots of this one, because for me the thickness and shine makes a difference. Having created a polish storage drawer and reviewed various acrylic options, I see the difference. Personally, I would spend more for a high quality rack like this one.

For our office, where people come visit, I ended up going with custom wood shelving made for me that were quite expensive, but totally worth it. But I also need a rack for my office side where I can put my lab samples, one that isn't really for all to see, but more for my lab reference polishes. But I still want it to look good, because people will see my office as well. I haven't hung this one in my office yet, as we are looking for different office space at the moment, but this rack will be perfect for my office. If you're looking for a polish rack for your polishes, I think The Vanity and Co Bella is a great option. 

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