Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Day in The Life - Insta Recap & Beyond

I take pictures of everything! I don't know if it's because I can or if at the moment, I think, "I'm totally going to share this!" But not all of it makes it online, well that is until now! How about a mid week recap of the last week?

Last Thursday was a pretty chill day. Well as chill as a day can be around here. I hit Kohl's during lunch and spent an hour trying on items from the Peter Som for Kohl's collaboration. OMG how I love this collab! I already did a blog post on this, so you know I feel about the items I tried on, but if not, head here to see what I thought. 

Friday was insanely busy. It all started when a friend invited me for a lunch time paddle. We took the SUP's (Stand Up Paddleboards) to a quiet area of the river and the manatee came around wanting to get pet! It is crazy, they are like big puppies, but it's illegal to touch the 500+ lb sea cows, so we did our best to avoid them, even though they kept coming up to a friend's board almost insisting on being pet. Can you see it just under the surface?

There were portions of our trail that we had to sit on the SUP's because we just couldn't get under the trees in the mangroves. But what a beautiful and peaceful lunch break with the girls.

Once I got home, I had to rush around at the office, and then took the girls for some mommy/daughter/daughter/daughter time. Kat had her prom on Saturday and since she needed a pedi for prom, we figured we'd join her! WAHOO! Kizzle and Coco are making faces for the camera! Got to love them!

Once the pedi's were done and the girl's were situated it was off to a local bird sanctuary for an adult only Easter Egg hunt. Something about adults running for Easter Eggs filled with prizes or alcohol seems a little off, but it was for a good cause, and we had fun!

And that was just Friday! Saturday I woke up and had to run around a bit and get things ready since I was going to be doing Kat's hair, nails and makeup for prom as well as the makeup and nails of one of Kizzle's friends. I decided the best thing to do, would be to wear a comfy maxi dress to take me through the day. This maxi dress from Express is on serious rotation in my closet right now! I have worn it 4 times in 2 weeks!

Kat ready for prom! Look at my baby, all grown up! She looked beautiful! I can't believe she is graduating high school next month!

 While taking her prom pics, we spotted dolphin on the water! No matter how many times I see them, it never gets any less awesome!

Sunday I went shopping with some friends. My girl, Pam, had to check out the Peter Som for Kohl's collab, so back to Kohl's I went. I took the opportunity to try on pieces I was second guessing and got to play dress up with my friends. Another friend needed a dress for a specific occasion she had coming up and we took it as an opportunity to give her a wardrobe update. She dresses great already, but we wanted her to amp it up some more. We spent 4 hours in Kohl's!

I tried on a few dresses as potentials for Kat's graduation. I really loved the Jennifer Lopez dress on the left, but it's a bit much for a HS graduation that takes place on the football field! The dress on the right by Vera Wang was a much better option. Except bleachers and white sweater dress seems dangerous. The search continues.

I had errands to do and while at Target, I came across this RE beach chair. OMG! A beach chair you could lay down in? YES! I needed this! I had to test it out in store! LOL!

After being gone all day, Zero decided he should punish me. He was home with John all day, yet, since he is MY baby, he taught me a lesson! The little bugger!

Zero was so happy when Monday came around and it was just the two of us heading to the office to work alone together all day. He's seriously smiling at the thought! HA!

Just had to take a pic of the flowers currently in my living room. Publix puts flowers on sale for 3 bunches for $12, so every few weeks or so, I buy some fresh flowers for the house. It's a cheap fix that always makes the living room stand out and smell great!

Early Tuesday morning at 3AM. John and I decideded to set the alarm to catch the lunar eclipse. So worth waking up for!

But come time to wake up for the day, the last thing I wanted to think about was getting dressed! Good thing I grabbed the short version of the maxi dress from Express. I threw that on with a jean jacket I got at Express when I was in my late 20's. (I'll be 40 in August!) The jacket still looks pretty new too! I grabbed a Dunkies iced coffee and went to work!

Alyssa ended up coming to help out at the office and we started prepping polishes ordered during the pre-sale so far. I can't believe this collection is so close to selling out! I wonder if we'll sell out again during this month's pre-sale event? That will be crazy awesome! I ended up working until about 7:30 last night. Today is another adventure. Another busy day at the office, a friend's Birthday dinner and our Google Hangout! I can't wait! I hope to "see" you all online tonight!

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