Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's a New Day Collection

First I apologize for the last minute announcement of this collection! I meant to launch this April 18th and made a proofreading error and set it for April 11th! I have been running around like mad trying to prep early now! AAAHHH!

I think it was a subconscious on purpose error. I worked behind the scenes with Marta of Chit Chat Nails for this one. I wanted to do a stamping plate and she had some ideas, so we both designed a few of the designs on the plate and made it happen! (Well it wasn't that quick and easy, but it was always fun!) And then I asked Marta, who I think loves creme polishes more than even I do, what she would like to see. She immediately said pastels. I set off making pastels and then sent pics of a few to look over and pick her favs. I hope she loves them as much when they arrive to her as she did in the pics! Her polishes haven't arrived to her yet! I wish she was here in the States, because then I could have mailed her things back and forth during the whole process. But we made due and I hope she loves the outcome!

Are you ready to see the collection?

Cult Nails New Day Collection
Cult Nails New Day Collection 

Falling Hard - Pink is one of my favorite colors. I have wanted a soft bubble gum pink for as long as I could remember. So when Marta said pastels, there was no question that I would be making a pastel pink! I just had to cross my fingers that she would love it too! Falling Hard is a one coat pink creme hat dries to a high shine. It gives that perfect gel like look which I love.

Cult Nails Falling Hard
Falling Hard

Cult Nails Falling Hard
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Evolution - This one I went back and forth on. The peach pastel was a must, but I wanted a one coater here. But at one coat it didn't have that thing, that I don't know what. And as I was making polishes, I was getting requests for polishes like Enticing in different colors, so I thought we could try it out. I love the end result. It is a sheer peach creme that dries to a high shine. It is buildable, but I will say since it is a pastel, and sheer, I would use light coats and let them dry in between each coat to achieve perfect application.
Cult Nails Evolution

1 coat Cult Nails  Evolution
1 coat 

2 coats Cult Nails Evolution
2 Coats

Cult Nails Evolution 3 Coats
3 Coats

New Day - A pastel yellow creme. If you use a super light coat, you can achieve the jelly like sheerness with this one, but this was intended as an opaque in 2 coats polish. It is a soft buttery yellow creme that dries to a high shine. It is self leveling, so just use two light coats and let them dry a bit between coats and let it do it's thing. You will have a flawless mani in minutes that is ready for Spring!

Cult Nails New Day
New Day

Cult Nails New Day

And of course, the stamping plate! I've played around a little with this plate, and I love the designs. I need to spend some time creating mani's with the plate now, but since I am short a week, look for those during pre-sale. We are including a plate with every order while supplies last. The collection like all our pre-sale events will be at the reduced price of $24 for all three colors and it includes the stamping plate! WAHOO!

We will have a limited supply of the stamper/scrapper available (the one pictured) for $6.00. I tried a few different stampers and went with this one, which is a mid firm large square shape. It is made of silicon, which is the same as my favorite round stamper, but larger in size which is better for those with longer nails. If you don't already have a stamper, this is a great one to add to your order!

I'm so excited about getting to play with the designs on the plate with our polishes and can't wait to see what you all think! Would you like to see us create more stamping plates? If so let me know! While we all patiently wait for midnight, if you want to see more swatches, check out Refined & Polished's blog for her swatches and review!

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