Friday, April 18, 2014

Open toe shoe season is finally here! Are your toes ready? You all know how much I love Target! I was checking out what new sandals might be in store and came across a few cute neutral styles I love.

These adorable Simone block sandals are perfect for anything shorts, sundresses or skirts. I can picture these with a totally adorable pair of bermuda style shorts and a cute top while wearing New Day on my toes.

I'm all about these Pembroke wedge sandals during the warmer months. I tend to wear wedge sandals more than any other type of sandal, and I'm always on the look out for a cut pair. I love the gold touches on these and Falling Hard seems like a perfect accent.

Flat fanatics will love these brushed gold Merona Tori sandals with an ankle strap. Yes I do wear flat sandals! I think it's the only time of the year, I reach for flats on a regular basis.  John's taking me to Disney for the day on Tuesday for our 19th Wedding anniversary. 19 years ago we went to Disney for our honeymoon and it was amazing! We even came home with a souvenir! She graduates high school in May! LOL! We won't be coming home with a souvenir this time, but we'll celebrate the last 19 years and toast to many more to come! I need to get to Target and try to find these and get Evolution on my toes!
Are you ready for sandal season? Let me know in the comments below! The It's  A New Day Collection is still available for pre-sale, but it's almost sold out. If you want to secure your set, order now!


  1. Very cute! I wouldn't be able to wear them to work, though, they require us to wear steel toes even though we're in the office. :(

  2. I took a long look at your nails and at first I thought you might have nail burn (too much of the nail bed has been removed) in the area just below the tips. Then when I looked at another photo, it actually looks like you might have a fungal infection. I highly recommend cutting your nail tips off, leave off polish for at least a month, and let new healthy nails grow in using a nail care regimen for cleaning and conditioning your nails. I love the ideas you tried. Have you ever soaked your nails in lemon juice?