Friday, April 11, 2014

Peter Som for Kohls DesigNation - A View From the Fitting Room

Kohls has been stepping up their designer collaboration game lately. The latest to hit the market is the Peter Som for Kohl's DesigNation. Peter Som's inspiration for this collection was St Barth's, which evokes the colors, culture and bliss of island life.

Living the beach life myself, I was very interested in this collection. I was hoping this collaboration wouldn't be adorned in palm trees and Island Life logos, since previous collections seemed to evoke more of that touristy flare to the designs. I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into Kohl's and saw this collection in person. I tried on every single item that my store had in stock. I learned long ago not to judge an article of clothing by how it looks on the hanger. I'll post my favorites here!

 Splatter Print Maxi Dress

I loved everything about this dress. The material was thick and soft. The dress was flattering without being overly clingy. I loved the flowy breezy feel of the dress. If I had to change one thing, I would have made the slit higher, but that's just me. I think most women would be happy with this dress as is. It can be dressed up or down and did I mention it has pockets? I will be living in this dress all Spring and Summer! You know it came home with me!

This dress was beautiful and very figure forgiving and flattering. The only thing that left me unsure was the sheer chiffon panels on the bottom. It feels weird, like I'm a maxi dress but I want to show slivers of my legs? It's a look I could maybe get used to. I would LOVE this dress if those panels weren't sheer. My oldest has been taking fashion design classes all 4 years of high school and looked at this and said it would be wicked easy to put material behind it to block out the sheer panels. Hmmm maybe if it goes on sale… 

Striped Raglan Sweatshirt
This collection has several different short sleeve sweatshirts. They were all thin and the softest material you've ever felt. I love that they are more fitted and have a banded bottom. They're not so thin that you have to worry about their losing their shape. A definite win. I'm not normally a fan of a banded bottom, but there are done in a way that it looks flattering.

Printed Shift Dress
I LOVED this dress! It is made of silky polyester blend. It is perfect for the Summer. This is perfect for any get together, from a wedding, to meeting the parents to your granddaughter's graduation (hint, hint mom!). This one hit me right at the knee, which at my height, I prefer a shorter style. But I really think this would be the perfect dress for my mom to get for my daughter's graduation in May. I hope she gets the hint and goes and tries it on!

 Charmeuse Soft Pants

These pants are basically in the style of your favorite pair of sweatpants, but they are made of a thin silky fabric in this totally awesomely amazing pineapple print. I would never think I would want to go around adorned in pineapple's, and I was a little bummed when I realized this would be the print. But when I saw them in person, they were everything! So comfy, so sexy, so perfect for my beach life! These came home with me! 

Slubbed Pineapple Tank
If you know me, you know I am not a fan of shirts with cutsey prints or quotes. They just aren't my thing. But every so often, one sneaks it's way in there. This one was one of them. It is somewhat sheer, but not overly so. Very light and comfy and I don't know what it is, but now that I'm home, I wish I bought it! 

I honestly didn't even notice this shirt in the lookbook. And I didn't really think much when I grabbed it to try on. But once I tried it on, I loved the silky fabric and fit. I loved the mix of print and the side view. I tried it on with the eyelet shorts, which I also fell in love with. I felt like this could easily be an outfit for anything from a BBQ to running errands around town, to a lazy beach day. My only issue is that you can see the pockets through the pants. This is such a common issue with white pants. I can never seem to find white pants where you can't see the pockets. Either skip the pockets or use a better lining people! That's not to say I didn't buy this outfit… Because I totally did, but the shorts may go back. I'm on the fence, but since they only had one pair in my size and people were flocking the racks, I figured I could think about it safely at home. LOL

I'm on the fence with this one. I think once it's styled it will be so cute, but I'm not sure it's quite worth purchasing to try. It is beautiful, my only complaint is that the zipper back doesn't go past the waist of the romper, and while it looks like it's an elastic waist, it isn't, so if you have any kind of bottom at all, it's not easy to put on. Looking now, I saw someone size up 2 sizes in this one and it looks amazing sized up! I may have to go back and try a few sizes up to see how I feel.  

Motorcycle Jacket
OK, so I haven't tried this one on yet, but I ordered it. I watched the Peter Som for Kohls Google Hangout and they showed this jacket. It's made of the same thin sweatshirt as the other sweatshirts in this collection. I have a similar jacket in black from Target and it is my go to jacket when you need a little something here in FL. When I saw this white version, I knew I had to have it! I'm hoping this will be a perfect addition to my jacket collection. 

There were several pieces that I also wanted to try on and weren't available at any Kohl's within an hour radius of me, but if they are available near you, you should definitely try them on for me! 

If you have a Kohl's near you, this collection is definitely worth checking out. There are plenty of cute options that I think will appeal to the traditional Kohl's customer and gain them a few new customers in the process. I tried on several more pieces, but to keep this post from being super long, I picked just a few to show you here. I'm looking forward to more amazing collaborations like this one! Way to go Peter Som and Kohl's!

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